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When you place an ad in CFMA Building Profits magazine, your message is delivered to more than 8,600 leaders in the construction financial management industry. Your advertising sales message will reach CFOs, CPAs, business managers, attorneys, insurance agents, and top-level decision-makers with the purchasing authority to drive your sales to new heights. Our readers are the key financial decision-makers at the nation’s largest and most-active construction companies.

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Members overwhelmingly report that their subscription to CFMA Building Profits is the single most valuable benefit of their CFMA membership. Each issue is an education on the rules, regulations, economic conditions, and new technology impacting construction accounting, finances, risk management, taxes, legislation, and all of the key business areas that are important to running a fiscally sound and profitable enterprise.

CFMA members refer to CFMA Building Profits again and again, providing long life for your advertising message. For one low rate, your ad is published in print and on CFMA BP Online – the electronic edition of the magazine, with all web addresses and e-mails linked within the ad – ensuring that your company remains visible to CFMA's active membership for years to come.

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Your advertisement in CFMA Building Profits reaches a highly targeted group of financial professionals who strive to be the best in the construction industry. They are eager for information about innovative products, new technologies, best practices, strategies to reduce risk, and legal and accounting advice.

CFMA members read CFMA Building Profits to improve their operations and create new opportunities for their business. Your ads will establish your company’s brand while generating high-quality sales inquiries for your business.

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