Debra Hahn Memorial Award

Past Winners
Full Name
Pam Hummel (Orange County Chapter) 2017
Robert A. Biehl, CCIFP (Central Ohio Chapter) 2016
Marjorie J. Weber (Valley of the Sun Chapter) 2015
George M. Parrott, CCIFP (Middle Tennessee Chapter) 2014
Jackie L. Buck, CCIFP (Orange County Chapter) 2013
Steven D. Lords, CCIFP (Las Vegas Chapter) 2011
Pat Cebelak, CCIFP (Lansing Chapter) 2010
Gordon B. Marshall, CCIFP (Chicago Chapter) 2009
Richard F. King (Greater Berks-Lehigh Valley Chapter) 2008
Dianne R. Gillespie (Middle Tennessee Chapter) 2007
Jeffrey M. Robinson (Greater Detroit Chapter) 2006
Brian J. Cooney, CCIFP (Southeast Louisiana Chapter) 2005
Todd F. Taggart, CCIFP (Twin Cities Chapter) 2004
Patrick D. Monea, CCIFP (Lansing Chapter) 2003
Barbara J. Frantz (Greater Pittsburgh Chapter) 2002
John T. Metz (Chicago Chapter) 2001
David L. James, CCIFP (Valley of the Sun Chapter) 2000
Anthony R. Stagliano, CCIFP (Philadelphia Chapter) 1999
Victor M. Marshall, CCIFP (Greater Detroit Chapter) 1998
Dorothy M. Mulcahy (Valley of the Sun Chapter) 1997
Doug M. Lewanda (Connecticut Valley Chapter) 1996
Dale A. Wark (Philadelphia Chapter) 1995
John J. Corcoran (Valley of the Sun Chapter) 1994
H. Paul Chapman (Charlotte Chapter) 1993
William E. Miller (New Jersey Chapter) 1992