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Joe Quigley Memorial Chapter Award

David L. James

On May 17, 1999, CFMA’s Executive Committee unanimously approved the creation of the Joe Quigley Memorial Chapter Award in memory of former national president and Valley of the Sun Chapter leader, Joe Quigley. As a remembrance of Joe Quigley, who was a founding member of the Valley of the Sun Chapter and served as its third president. Under his leadership, the Chapter developed its highly successful golf tournament to raise money for college scholarships. Joe’s commitment to local chapter activities, and CFMA in general, epitomizes the dedication and commitment of CFMA volunteers.

This Memorial Award recognizes outstanding chapter participation and activity. It is given each year to that CFMA General or Associate Member who exemplifies the following:

  • Enthusiasm in the promotion of CFMA at the local chapter level
  • Contribution at the local chapter level (including participation in CFMA functions and committees)
  • Activities that support CFMA’s Mission and Strategic Goals
  • Consideration for, and service to, fellow CFMA members and the local community
  • Significant years of contributions to CFMA

Note that Officers from CFMA or ICCIFP are ineligible for the award until three (3) years have elapsed from their terms of service. Also, previous winners of the Joe Quigley Memorial Chapter Award are ineligible to win the award again.

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