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The Value of CFMA’s Executive Committee

Stuart Binstock, President & CEO
Stuart Binstock, President & CEO

As 2019 comes to a close, CFMA has much to be thankful for – especially our local chapter leaders, national committee members, Executive Committee members, and, of course, CFMA's Officers. The countless hours they contribute to CFMA and all of their efforts to move the Association forward cannot be adequately measured or appreciated enough. With that in mind, I would like to focus this message on the Executive Committee. I think it's important to share how Executive Committee members are selected and, more importantly, what the committee actually does.

Leadership Path

How do CFMA members get to serve on the Executive Committee? The Leadership Path found at lays out the steps a CFMA member typically takes to eventually serve on the Executive Committee. These leaders usually start by participating at the chapter level, then serve as chairman of a chapter committee, then on the chapter's Board of Directors, and eventually become a chapter president.

They also participate more broadly on a national CFMA committee and often become a committee chairman. Once all of these requirements have been met, the final step is to complete a Leadership Application at
From there, CFMA identifies leaders who are a fit for the Executive Committee.

As you can see, the path to serve on CFMA's Executive Committee requires dedication and perseverance.

The Role of the Executive Committee

What does the Executive Committee actually do? CFMA's Bylaws state that the functions of the Executive Committee are to:

  • Pursue the vision and strategic plan of CFMA;
  • Plan, direct, and assure administration of all CFMA activities; and
  • Exercise the role of the Board of Directors between meetings of that body.

While all of these activities are an integral part of the Executive Committee's functions, this group has had the greatest impact by providing a fresh look at CFMA's vision into the future. The mechanism by which the Executive Committee has done this is by discussing "Mega Issues" – strategic issues that the Association has not yet addressed, but which could positively alter CFMA's value to its members. At each Executive Committee meeting, the members discuss at least one Mega Issue.

Recent Mega Issues have included:

  • Would CFMA members value peer groups?
  • Should CFMA develop the CFM Academy?
  • How can we increase the demand for certification?
  • How can CFMA assist CFMs in becoming more strategic within their companies?
  • How can CFMA provide more value to CFMA members of more than 15 years?
  • Should CFMA develop an Emerging Leaders program?

These in-depth conversations that began at the Executive Committee level have yielded some of the most significant new programs that CFMA now offers. Your hardworking Executive Committee has led the way for CFMA to continue to grow the value proposition of what it means to be a CFMA member! On behalf of the entire CFMA membership, thank you to the Executive Committee for your dedication and hard work in growing the value of CFMA!

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