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Connecting CFMA Members to IT Strategies & Solutions

Stuart Binstock, President & CEO
Stuart Binstock, President & CEO

As technology continues to play a vital role in your day-to-day business, CFMA is committed to helping you find the right technology solutions for your company. 

CFMA’s Annual Conference

Having recently returned from CFMA’s 2017 Annual Conference (held on June 3-7 in Phoenix, AZ), to say that our Conference is replete with technology is a bit of an understatement. 
The first technology event took place on Sunday, June 4, when seven software companies held two-hour Construction Technology Forums to discuss new and innovative solutions with their current and prospective clients. Now in their fifth year, we like to think of these forums as mini user groups. 

The next opportunity to learn about technology took place during our exhibition. If you peruse the list of Conference exhibitors (, you’ll see an incredible array of technology companies that range from full ERP systems to companies with a particular marketplace niche. Even though we’re still a year away from the actual event, there is already a waiting list for next year’s exhibition hall. Our technology exhibitors have said that CFMA’s Annual Conference is the number one place to meet construction company decision-makers. 

The other major IT focus at the Conference was the technology track, which addressed myriad issues that construction companies face. Some of this year’s sessions included “A CFM’s Perspective on Technology & Implementations” and “Who Are Your Allies? The Big Cloud, Local Data Threats & Managing Risk in 2017.” If you weren’t able to attend the Conference but want the audio and PowerPoint presentations, visit for more information. 

CFMA Building Profits

Continuing with some of the topics discussed at our Annual Conference, this issue of CFMA Building Profits offers articles on BIM 101 (page 28), mobile management (page 34), and cybersecurity (page 44).

Connection Café

Another valuable CFMA resource is the Connection Café. Whenever I talk with members, I remind them to check it out and make sure they receive the daily digest e-mail, which provides a quick view of the discussion threads. (If you are not receiving this daily e-mail, log in to, go to Profile, click My Account, and select E-mail Preferences from the drop-down menu.)

So why do I mention the Connection Café – besides the fact that any member can post a question to an audience of more than 7,800 members with the opportunity to respond? A large part of Café conversations regularly cover technology issues, including unfettered reviews of the pros and cons of almost every software used by our members. If you want a frank and honest answer to a technology question, you should post it on the Connection Café. 

If you can think of an area where you are in need of more information on technology matters, contact me at with your suggestions. And, be sure to save this article for next year so that when your employer asks why you should attend CFMA’s 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Miami (June 23-27), you can show them why your attendance is essential to learning more about how technology impacts your business. 

See you in Miami!

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