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Heavy/Highway All-Star: Mark Ligon

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

By Doug Smith

Mark Ligon, Vice President, Safety and Risk Management for the Vecellio Group of companies. Vecellio Group, Inc. (VGI) currently operates in the heavy/highway construction and aggregate mining and petroleum segments throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic U.S., with its headquarters located in West Palm Beach, FL.

While Mark started his career in law enforcement, his initial exposure to safety and risk management started in 1999 with a move to loss prevention for a major retailer, followed by similar work in the citrus, manufacturing, and construction industries. According to Mark, “I was fascinated by the risks that were present and processes in place that allowed employees to safely mitigate those risks. Having no other safety professional to whom I reported, I had to become an expert at all things safety. I also got my first real taste of managing claims and compliance with environmental regulations and quickly realized that removing one link in a chain of events that led up to an accident would usually be enough to prevent the accident from happening. The rest is history. I began to zero in on specific hazards based on a risk analysis and focused loss prevention and control efforts to eliminate or minimize their occurrence.”

Mark started at VGI in 2011 and immediately brought an improved culture and excitement about safety and risk management. Owners were very supportive of his new processes, enhanced reporting, and claims management approach.

Mark’s drive and dedication to safety and risk management have never wavered, and his sense of humor and ability to connect with people are what set him apart. His personality adds to his ability to communicate the importance of working safely on the job. For the first time in 2017, one of our subsidiaries had a “Safety Stand-Down.” On that day, all employees attended a special program to enhance safety that included special speakers, prizes, and other activities.

Mark’s department consists of 17 staff located across six states. Mark’s approach to safety and risk management starts in the field. He goes where the action is, develops relationships, and builds the safety and risk management program from the field up. Vecellio Group’s safety culture is in good hands.

Mark is currently the Co-Chairman of the FTBA Safety Committee, Board Member at the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, and served as one of the subject matter experts for the ARTBA Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals. Mark currently lives in Palm City, FL with his wife, Lenea and son, Trevor. In his free time, Mark enjoys boating, biking, paddle boarding, and attending his son’s sporting events.

Special thanks to Doug Smith, Sr. VP Finance, for nominating Mark as this quarter’s Heavy/Highway All-Star.

Robert “Doug’ Smith , CPA, CCIFP is the Sr. VP of Finance of Vecellio Group, Inc. which is based in West Palm Beach, FL. Vecellio Group and its subsidiaries operate as heavy/highway contractors, asphalt producers, quarry, and terminal companies in the southeastern United States. Doug has 39 years of experience in private and public accounting. He joined Vecellio Group in 2006 and previously was a partner in a public accounting firm for 24 years. Doug has been a member of CFMA since 2006, serves as the Heavy/Highway Committee Vice Chairman, and is a member of the Emerging Issues Committee.