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Construction Accounting Refresher

For individuals with experience in construction or with general accounting background, this crash course gets you up-to-speed fast with the unique accounting practices of the Construction Industry. From transactions to reconciliation to financial statements to analyses, this nuts-and-bolts course cuts through the theory and gets right into practice. It uses hands-on business simulations, including calculation of key ratios and other benchmark indicators. The course begins with a fast-track review of model accounting transactions, followed with month-end reconciliations. Students then prepare Contractor Financial Statements [Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Statement of Cash Flows] along with supplemental Contractor Job Reports [Job Schedules and Job Status Reports, for both In-Process and Completed jobs]. With financial statements complete, you calculate key financial ratio indicators.

This course is no longer available. To view CFMA’s current educational offerings, click here or contact CFMA’s Director of Online Learning, Ariel Sanchirico.