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Looking Back on a Year of Building It Forward

Kenneth L. Chiccotella, CCIFP, CFMA’s 2016-17 Chairman

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! It seems like only yesterday I was sitting down to write my first message, and now, as I write my final Chairman’s message, it’s time to reflect back on what an amazing year it has been! 

Achievements & Accomplishments
Our Association has experienced many accomplishments this past year. Here are just a few of the highlights as they directly relate to our strategic goals:

• Member Value: The number of respondents and amount of data for CFMA’s Construction Financial Benchmarker significantly increased. We also began developing the “CFM Academy” to meet the needs of financial professionals new to the industry.

• Companies: We published a bonus issue of CFMA Building Profits that featured content geared toward construction company owners.

• Chapter Relations: CFMA welcomed three new chapters (Mid-South, Ozarks, and Oklahoma City) and more than 60 attendees strengthened their leadership skills at CFMA at Spring Creek. 

• External Relations: We formed the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention; at the time of this writing, more than 20 organizations have joined the Alliance. 

Keep Building It Forward
At CFMA’s 2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Antonio, I challenged the record-breaking crowd of about 1,300 total attendees to implement something (a product, a concept, an initiative, a connection, etc.) personally or professionally – and then commit it to someone to keep “Building It Forward.” 

I continued challenging members in my Chairman’s messages throughout the year. I have heard from so many of you – even from some of the people to whom you’ve committed – that I know great things are happening and being implemented in our companies and our homes!

Now, in an issue focused on resources to effect change, I can’t think of a more appropriate final message than to challenge you to find a topic that focuses on a company’s most important resource – its people. With articles covering sustainability, mental illness and suicide prevention, relationships between CFMs and PMs, and more, I’m confident that something in this issue can help you Build It Forward.

Many Thanks
Though there is not enough room here to thank everyone who has helped me along this journey, I’d like to mention a few. 

First, thanks to my family, Dayna, Alyssa, and Matthew, for the constant love, support, encouragement, and understanding of my time away from home. Thanks to Glenn Graham, President at Kirlin Carolinas, LLC, as well as the rest of the staff for their support and understanding of my time away from the office. 

Thanks to Stuart Binstock, Erica O’Grady, Brian Summers, Rob Rubin, and the truly amazing HQ staff in Princeton, NJ, for your guidance, coaching, expertise, and help with every request.

To all of the officers and Executive Committee members with whom I’ve had the pleasure of serving, your passion and dedication have inspired me in countless ways. Thanks to my mentor Jackie Buck and CFMA’s past chairmen, who are all an amazing source of knowledge and encouragement and continue to be willing to help and serve any way they can. 

OK, so that was little more than “a few,” but there’s one more: A special thanks to you, the more than 7,800 members, for affording me the opportunity to serve as Chairman and represent CFMA at regional conferences, joint conferences, and other industry events. 

I’ve had the awesome opportunity and pleasure of meeting members from across the country, seeing the incredible things our chapters are doing, and witnessing the ways CFMA serves as a thought leader in the construction industry. 

I’m excited to continue serving this great Association, and I look forward to seeing my friend, Samantha Hutchinson, CCIFP, serve as CFMA’s 2017-18 Chairman!

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