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Paving the Way for an Improved CCIFP Exam

By Heather Waldenmayer, CCIFP, Chairman

Our recent decision to take the CCIFP exam from paper and pencil to computer-based testing has generated a lot of excitement and interest. I’m pleased to share the details of our testing provider and the process improvements that potential CCIFPs will experience.

Strasz Assessment Systems
In looking for the ideal partner to electronically deliver the CCIFP exam, the ICCIFP Board of Trustees and Executive Committee reviewed multiple bids from leaders in the computer-based testing industry. After much consideration, we selected Strasz Assessment Systems, a full-service assessment firm specializing in software development for all aspects of the exam life cycle, psychometric services, and computer-based testing solutions. The ICCIFP had prior experience with Strasz through the Question Writing Task Force and Exam Development Committee.

Strasz has provided a digital platform for the question development process, complete with Best in Class features and functions. Selecting Strasz will allow the ICCIFP to deliver new exams more efficiently and effectively, while minimizing security concerns and eliminating errors associated with using multiple systems. Strasz has worked closely with ICCIFP staff and volunteers, and offers expert industry guidance for the exam development process.

In order to make the exam available to the maximum number of potential CCIFPs, it was important to partner with a testing center with a wide reach. Strasz selected Pearson as its test delivery vendor. This partnership allows for on-demand exams available at hundreds of testing centers across the country. In fact, a proximity analysis of all candidates over the past two years revealed that 96% are within 50 miles of a Pearson test center. Pearson is a global leader in computer-based testing and maintains a comprehensive network of test centers. Strasz has successfully delivered tens of thousands of exams within the Pearson network, and the exams from its software are directly transferred and integrated with Pearson servers.

Security & Quality Plans
Strasz and Pearson performing all exam development and distribution will significantly improve the efficiency and security of the exam. It will eliminate the need to import/export data to/from Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or PDFs; and, there is no longer a concern for managing, securing, and protecting physical copies of an exam. The extensive test center security and quality plans that are unique to Pearson enable the monitoring, tracking, and improvement of all aspects of test center performance. And, the exam is administered by professional proctors in state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide the highest level of security for the exam content and testing program integrity.

On Demand, On Your Schedule
We are thrilled to be able to partner with Strasz to make the CCIFP exam available on demand via Pearson test centers. With an expected on demand launch in the fall, approved exam applicants will be able to schedule their exams directly with Pearson online and can be initiated at any time. Potential CCIFPs will be able to sit for the exam when they are ready.

We are excited to begin our partnership with Strasz and collaborate with Pearson testing centers. Through their expertise, we will continue the success of the CCIFP credential.

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