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The Power of One Starts with You

By J. Brad Robinson, CCIFP, Incoming Chairman

You may be wondering: What is The Power of One? Consider how we spend our lives going through the motions. As a consequence, we miss opportunities every day to make a difference in the lives of others – both in our companies and in our CFMA chapters.

This year, I challenge you to find those opportunities. It’s in those simple moments when we assist others that we develop the passion for service through, and find the strength in, common connections. Those single moments are The Power of One.

Like many of you, my journey with CFMA began when I entered the industry and was looking for resources to keep me up-to-date on finance in the construction industry. I was invited to attend a CFMA chapter meeting. After attending a seminar and making new friends, I was intrigued. I later joined the board of my local chapter and from there I served as treasurer and later as chapter president. My Spring Creek experience was the one singular event that compelled me to become more involved, and it changed my life. After serving on several national committees, I was honored to be asked to serve on CFMA’s Executive Committee and finally, as an officer.

These 14 years have been the most rewarding professional investment of my life. There have been challenges, of course. Conversely, there have been so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. My friends, family, and colleagues have all seen positive changes in my life as a result of my CFMA involvement. I have never volunteered for anything in this Association and felt that I have contributed more than what I received in return. Now that is value defined!

Please consider the many opportunities that our Association has to offer for building relationships, education, and leadership. Get involved in your local chapter and make connections with people at your meetings. You will never know when they will need you or vice versa. These connections are the lifeblood of our Association. Perhaps you have been involved locally and regionally and wish to try national service. There are always opportunities to serve on national committees – all you have to do is volunteer. We need your thoughts, your passion, and your objectivity. CFMA’s success is entirely the result of member engagement at the local, regional, and national levels. You will not regret investing your time and energy.

Speaking of our Association, CFMA is the strongest it has ever been! This past December, we reached a milestone of 7,000 members across the U.S. and Canada. We continue to convert our educational courses into webcast format, which has proven extremely valuable to our members. Spring Creek, our premier leadership development program for incoming chapter leaders, continues to receive very positive reviews from attendees. Our Financial Benchmarker product has been redesigned, and we are working on our strategic plan for the next five years. It is a fantastic time to be a part of CFMA!

I am deeply honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve as your Chairman for the coming year. I follow a long line of friends, colleagues, and mentors who have assumed this awesome responsibility before me. I promise to do everything I can to make you proud of the trust with which I have been granted by serving with honor and dignity. I also commit to utilizing the collective wisdom of my fellow officers, the Executive Committee, volunteer leaders, and the members of our awesome HQ staff.

While there are too many people to acknowledge for helping me along the way, I would like to recognize and especially thank my manager at Lend Lease, Charles Stegall, for his unwavering support of all my CFMA activities.

In closing, all of us can make differences in the lives of others and our Association every day. We have the power to do incredible things together. All we have to do is seek out the numerous opportunities that are often right in front of us. We can reach goals that we previously thought were unachievable. The secret is to search out and engage in those singular moments – The Power of One. Let’s embrace the challenges of the future together.

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