Executive Summary – November 8, 2013, Seattle, WA

CFMA’s Executive Committee met on November 8th in Seattle, WA to discuss a variety of strategic topics and other initiatives. The main accomplishments from the one day meeting are listed below:

  • Reviewed the August Mega Issue action items and approved a recommendation to investigate several new and innovative ways to address the administrative challenges faced by our chapters.
  • Reviewed CFMA’s new content management strategy and learned about the different ways CFMA is leveraging content to deliver valuable, timely education to our chapters and members.
  • Affirmed the Officers’ recommendation to provide any chapter a 10% royalty (per registered chapter member) for any of its members who participate in our new online courses starting in January 2014.
  • Created an “open forum” portion of the meeting for members to engage with one another on topics outside of the formal agenda.

At each Executive Committee meeting, our goal is to involve the committee in active discussions that allow for input on major challenges facing both CFMA and the chapter network. We call these “Mega Issue” discussions and highlights are below:

  • A discussion around Strategy & Resource Allocations focused on what CFMA can do, both locally and nationally, to support our strategic plan objectives, including continuing subsidies for programs like Spring Creek, chapter education initiatives, and more.
  • The discussion in the afternoon focused on how CFMA can foster member engagement at the chapter level and defining what successful engagement is.

The results of these discussions are being summarized and we will be developing the next steps to take to address these areas of importance.

The committee is hard-working group of bright and talented individuals who are representative of our members and chapters. They consistently contribute value to the organization. Here is what a few members said about the meeting:

“Very open environment where participation was encouraged…
a great job of creating a culture of collaboration.”

“(Agenda) items targeted, always asked the question,
‘Does this provide Member Value?’”

CFMA’s HQ Staff and Executive Committee are always looking for new ways to serve the needs of our members. If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at sbinstock@cfma.org or 609-945-2429.


Stuart Binstock
President & CEO, CFMA