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Meet the Staff

Stuart Binstock Stuart Binstock
President & CEO
(609) 945-2429
(Strategic Planning, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Industry Partnerships, Legislative Affairs)
Erica O'Grady Erica O'Grady, CAE
Vice President, Operations
(609) 945-2411
(Strategic Planning, Executive Committee, Operations, Industry Relations, National Mentoring Program, Marketing, Membership, Chapter Services, Meeting Services, Graphic Design)
Brian Summers Brian Summers, CAE
Vice President, Content Strategy & Education
(609) 945-2408
(Education Content Development, Annual Conference Education Program, Content Strategy, Financial Survey & Benchmarker)
Rob Rubin Robert Rubin, CPA
Vice President, Finance & Administration
(609) 945-2413
(Human Resources, Facilities, Finance, IT)
Laurel Seymour Laurel Seymour
Executive Assistant
(609) 945-2414
(Human Resources, Executive Offices, Product Shipping/Ordering)
Fern Oram Fern Oram
Director, Content Marketing & Communications
(609) 945-2494
(Content Marketing, Communications, Surveys, CONFINDEX, Volunteering)
Cait Platt Cait Platt
Content Coordinator
(609) 945-2434
(Content Management, Online Communities, Analytics)
Ariel Sanchirico Ariel Sanchirico
Director, Online Learning
(609) 945-2433
(Webinars, Content, CPE, Courses)
Christine Bluestein Christine Bluestein
Administrative Assistant, Education
(609) 945-2415
Michael Verbanic Michael Verbanic
Director, Member Experience
(609) 945-2418
(Member Inquiries, Invoicing, Renewals, Heavy/Highway Newsletter)
Stacy Williams Stacy Williams
Administrative Assistant, Membership
(609) 945-2425
(Member Inquiries, Invoicing, Renewals, Membership Applications, Product Shipping/Ordering)
Mary Kalczynski Mary Kalczynski
Member Service Coordinator
(609) 945-2423
(Member Inquiries, General Information, New Member Kits)
Jenny Spriggs Jenny Spriggs
Director, Meeting Services
(609) 945-2409
(Annual Conference Logistics, Exhibition Sales, Sponsorships, AGC/CFMA conference)
Mike Elek Mike Elek
Administrative Assistant, Peer Groups
(609) 945-2412
Catherine Wasner Catherine Wasner
Director, Chapter Services
(609) 945-2432
(Chapter Leader Inquiries, Connection Program, STAR Program, Spring Creek Program, Chapter Strategic Planning)
Farah Iaia Farah Iaia
Chapter Services Coordinator
(609) 945-2420
(Chapter Assistance, Spring Creek Registration, Chapter Speakers)
Kristy Domboski Kristy Domboski
Director, Editorial Services
(609) 945-2427
(CFMA Building Profits, Article Authors)
Jessica Manning Jessica Manning
Associate Editor
(609) 945-2416
(CFMA Building Profits, Author Inquiries)
Susan Flood Susan Flood
Director, Art & Design
(609) 945-2407
(Graphic Design Services)
Rachel DiMatteo Rachel DiMatteo
Production Artist/Graphic Designer
(609) 945-2405
(Graphic Design Services)
Gabe Kerkuska Gabe Kerkuska
Director of Technology
(609) 945-2421
(CFMA Website Tech Support, Chapter Websites, Hardware/Software)
Chris Mitchell Chris Mitchell
Web Systems Administrator
(609) 945-2426
(CFMA & Chapter Websites)
Alan Miner Alan Miner
Database Manager
(609) 945-2403
(CFMA Database, Report Writing)

Meet the ICCIFP Staff

Chris Zaucha Chris Zaucha
Executive Director, ICCIFP
(609) 945-2419
(Certification Inquiries, Recertification, Continuing Education, Applications, Exam Registration)
Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals