CONFINDEX™ Quarterly Reading

Sep2017-confindex-arrowConfidence among construction industry chief financial officers remained relatively unchanged in the third quarter of 2017. After declining by more than five percent in the second quarter, the overall CONFINDEX reading edged to 124 in the third quarter, up a bit less than one percent from the second. The overall index is up 1.6 percent from a year ago. CFOs were generally upbeat at this time last year. That hasn’t changed.


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CONFINDEX is CFMA's proprietary confidence index survey of CFOs in the commercial construction sector. It is the only confidence index survey asking the level of confidence from important decision makers in a critical industry of the US economy.

For some industry analysts and financial analysts, CONFINDEX is a leading economic indicator of the health of commercial construction in the US.


CONFINDEX is compiled from four sub-indices measuring critical components of the financial health of a commercial construction company:

  1. Business Conditions
  2. Financial Conditions
  3. Current Conditions
  4. Year-Ahead Outlook

CONFINDEX Survey Panel Composition

300 randomly selected CFMA General Members with the title of CFO in commercial construction companies

What the CONFINDEX Number Indicates

  • Built using a “net confidence scoring” approach
  • Measures degree to which there is a more positive or negative outlook among survey panel members
  • Neutral point is set at 100
  • Less than a 100 reading indicates pessimism among the survey participants, while a reading more than 100 indicates optimism among the survey participants

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