CFMA Building Profits Publishing Awards Showcase

CFMA Building Profits is proud to have been recognized with 15 APEX Awards, 27 Communicator Awards, and a Tabbie Award for its in-depth coverage and presentation of content critical to the success of construction financial professionals.

APEX Awards

Sponsored by Communication Concepts, Inc., the APEX Awards is an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers, and designers who create print, website, electronic, and social media.

CFMA Building Profits MJ16 APEX
May/June 2016: Communication Challenges & Solutions

2017: Magazines & Journals – Print Over 32 Pages (May/June 2016)
The May/June 2016 Communication Challenges & Solutions issue zeroes in on everyday industry challenges where collaboration, due diligence, and communication are key.


 Previous APEX Awards

CFMA Building Profits MJ15 APEX
May/June 2015: Power Up Your HR

2016: Magazines & Journals – Print Over 32 Pages (May/June 2015)
The May/June 2015 issue provides construction financial professionals the tools and techniques to help recruit, manage, and retain their most valuable asset: people. Topics include human capital risk management, controlling workers’ comp costs, hiring and firing, key results area job descriptions, and more.

CFMA Building Profits JF14 APEX
January/February 2014: 25 Years of CFMA Building Profits

2014: Magazines & Journals – Print Over 32 Pages (January/February 2014)
Highlights of the January/February 2014 issue include theft equipment best practices, the building blocks of treasury management, workers’ comp metrics, and a guide to drafting sensible subcontracts.

CFMA Building Profits JF13 APEX
January/February 2013: Construction Industry Specialists

2013: Magazines &amp Journals – Design & Layout (January/February 2013)
This issue contains informative articles on bankers and sureties, building green, zero injury culture, and more.

CFMA Building Profits SO10 APEX
September/October 2010: Risk Management, Part 1

2011: Magazines & Journals – Print Over 32 Pages (September/October 2010)
Guard against the risks and learn the benefits of supply chains, surety and banking in a slow economy, green building standards, joint venture strategies, and alternate project delivery methods.



The Communicator Awards

This annual competition honors excellence in all areas of communication, with separate categories for print, video, mobile, audio, marketing, and more.

CFMA Building Profits ND16 Communicator
November/December 2016: Tips & Trends to Transform Your Success

2017 Award of Distinction: Magazine – Association (November/December 2016)
The Industry Trends issue addresses key issues that can help transform your company – from fraud prevention techniques and change management processes to suicide prevention and safety initiatives.

CFMA Building Profits Owner Communicator
The Owner Issue (December 2016)

2017 Award of Distinction: Magazine – Special Edition (CFMA Building Profits Owner Issue)
With articles focused on managing millennials, benchmarking, succession planning, and more, this issue is a valuable asset for construction financial CEOs and owners.


 Previous Communicator Awards

CFMA Building Profits SO14 Communicator
September/October 2014: Take Charge of Your Risk

2015 Award of Distinction: Association Magazine (September/October 2014)
Examine the risks behind health care construction, front-end loading and unbalanced bidding practices, subcontractor compliance, data security threats, and more.


CFMA Building Profits ND13 Communicator
November/December 2013: Industry Trends

2014 Award of Distinction: Association Magazine (November/December 2013)
The November/December issue covers such industry trends as post-recession “mega trends,” employee stock ownership plans, lean construction techniques, and BYOD.


CFMA Building Profits SO13 Communicator
September/October 2013: Manage Your Risks

Overall Design (September/October 2013)
Construction financial professionals can better understand industry risks, including the potential dangers of fracking as well as coverage on internal fraud prevention, certificates of insurance, and how to maximize the R&D tax credit.

CFMA Building Profits JA12 Communicator
July/August 2012: Tech Tools

2013 Award of Distinction: Overall Design (July/August 2012)
The July/August Tech Trends issue offers articles on cloud computing, IT strategic planning, and leveraging technology throughout a project’s life cycle.

CFMA Building Profits JA11 Communicator
July/August 2011: IT Solutions

2012 Award of Distinction: Cover Design (July/August 2011)
Explore articles on future proofing, cyber fraud, telematics, and tips on recruiting the next generation of tech-savvy workers.

CFMA Building Profits JF11 Communicator
January/February 2011: Tools, Tips & Techniques

2012 Award of Excellence: Cover Design (January/February 2011)
Discover best practices for construction financial professionals with articles on surviving the recession, hiring a construction CPA, working capital, and performing work out of state.



Tabbie Awards

Presented by Trade, Association, and Business Publications International (TABPI), the Tabbie Awards honor excellence in business-to-business magazines around the world that are published at least quarterly.

CFMA Building Profits ND16 Tabbie
November/December 2016: Tips & Trends to Transform Your Success

2017: Top 25 Feature Article – “Fraud Detection & Prevention: Big Data Can Help Protect Assets,” by Bryan Callahan & Jason Myers (November/December 2016)
Internal controls and processes can help minimize risk of fraud in the construction industry; however, proactive data analytics and emerging technologies are becoming significant resources in the fight against fraud. Read three case studies in which the use of big data helped put an end to fraudulent practices and prevented potential losses.


 Previous Tabbie Awards

CFMA Building Profits MJ15 tabbie
“Roll the Hard Six: Exposing the Secrets of the Workers’ Comp System’s ‘House’ Advantage,” May/June 2015

2016: Top 25 Feature Article – “Roll the Hard Six: Exposing the Secrets of the Workers’ Comp System’s 'House' Advantage” (May/June 2015)
Unlike the game of craps, controlling workers’ comp costs and gaining a competitive edge is not just a game of chance. This author presents the inner workings of the Experience Modification Rating (EMR) System as well as six ways a construction financial professional can ultimately reduce a company’s EMR and emerge a winner.


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