Become an Author for CFMA Building Profits

Being published in CFMA Building Profits is a great way to hone your skills, build your credibility as a financial professional in the construction industry, and gain exposure for your company. Interested in contributing? Take a look at upcoming issue themes and deadlines and get started on your article proposal.  

Crafting Your Proposal

If you’re not familiar with the magazine or not a CFMA member, you can browse a recent issue to get a feel for topics that are covered and gain an understanding of the style and audience. When drafting your proposal, keep in mind that the publication’s mission is to inform and educate CFMA members with practical and unbiased content; articles are not intended to promote any products or services. When you’re ready to submit a topic, complete the proposal form.

The publications team will review your proposal, which can take several weeks. Don’t hesitate to contact the staff to check on the status of a proposal.

Patrick Monea, CCIFP, Past CFMA Chairman

"I have greatly benefited from the valuable, practical, and timely information in CFMA Building Profits. In my opinion, a construction financial professional cannot stay current in today’s fast-paced world of construction without this magazine’s enlightening messages."
Patrick Monea, CCIFP


Drafting & Submitting Your Article

If your proposal is confirmed for publication, you’ll receive more details on when it’s due and the expected word count (between 2,500-5,000 words, depending on the topic).

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you put the finishing touches on the article:

The use of case studies and/or specific examples, as well as graphs, charts, or checklists, is encouraged. If you want to include any illustrative pieces, please send them in a format such as .TIF, .EPS, .JPEG, Excel, or PowerPoint.

CFMA Building Profits
upholds high ethical content standards. To that end, all direct quotes, paraphrased text, and other adapted information (from websites, articles, newsletters, legislation, etc.) must be properly cited, including charts and graphs.

Once received, your article will be edited to align with the magazine’s overall tone and style. When the edited article is ready for your review, you’ll have 3-5 days to submit changes or provide additional information.

After your clarifications or changes are received, the article is then reviewed by a third party; these reviews are an important part of the process to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. You’ll have the opportunity to address any comments or questions from the reviewer before the article is finalized.

Sharing Your Work

In addition to your article appearing in print and online, you will receive complimentary copies of the magazine as well as a PDF of the published article to share with your colleagues or fellow construction financial professionals.

Please contact the staff with questions about reprint rights.

Exploring Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re not quite ready to submit, but would like to get involved, check out other volunteer opportunities within CFMA.