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Chapter Event Planning

Is your chapter considering hosting a suicide prevention summit? The tools and samples below can help you create and organize a successful event. In addition to a summit, your chapter can consider hosting CFMA’s Suicide Prevention Integration Training or LivingWorks Training.

Summit Planning Tools

Summit Sample Agendas

CFMA’s Suicide Prevention Integration Training

This two-part program can help increase your chapter or company’s awareness of the incidence of suicide deaths in our workforce.

Part One presents why suicide prevention is crucial to a business, its employees, and their families; the risk factors of the industry; and what company leaders can do to reduce the risks of suicide.

Part Two builds on the awareness presented in Part One, shares the business case for suicide prevention, and helps explain the critical roles that risk factors play. The hands-on exercises provided in this training will help attendees determine where their company stands in this initiative, and how to implement strategies and actions to prevent suicide in their workplace.

For more information about this course, contact Elizabeth Lachowicz.

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