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On CFMA Membership

“Value is in building long lasting relationships with very intelligent construction financial managers.”

“Nobody moved my cheese!  The networking experience is wonderful!”

“My single-most important experience in CFMA started over 20 years ago and continues today!  CFMA has created many long-term friendships that thrive and continue to grow.  My professional knowledge and expertise have also grown and flourished as a result of all of CFMA’s educational opportunities.  Additionally, my involvement in the association itself has led to a great sense of accomplishment and success.  I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without CFMA – it has been a life-altering experience!”

“The value of the networking and hearing what others are doing in their environment is great.”

“It was due to a long friendship between two CFMA members that ultimately resulted in the merging of our two companies – one in Las Vegas, NV and the other in Houston, TX.”

On Personal Relationships

“For 20 years, CFMA has been my Power Connection. When I have questions, issues or just need a mental health break. Through CFMA publications, Connection Café, local and national contacts, I am never alone as a financial manager in the construction industry.”

“The relationships I’ve developed.  Professional connections that allow me to pick up the phone and ask for advice or feedback and get it without hesitation.  Personal friendships that I will always have.”

“Each year, making new friends and connecting with old ones keeps bringing me back.”

“I met a CFMA member who was the controller for a subcontractor.  He later went on to work as Controller of Ketel One.  My company built the Ketel One corporate offices because of that relationship.”

“With CFMA, the opportunities for personal growth are endless. Make the connection. I wish I had joined years ago – thank you!”

"CFMA offers an opportunity to hear about the ways others in my field are solving problems I face every day.  You just don’t get that anywhere else.”

“CFMA connections with other members have been extremely valuable to our company.  I have been able to tap into the experience of countless members to help us address business challenges.”

On CFMA Building Profits

CFMA Building Profits is a tangible portrayal of the source and resource for the construction financial manager.

CFMA Building Profits really is a first-rate publication.”

“Year after year, CFMA Building Profits has been the most admired and respected CFMA offering to our members.“

“Surveys consistently show that CFMA Building Profits is our members’ favorite benefit; their peers and their bosses rave about the content and value.”

“I have been a member of CFMA for less than a year and already I have come to look forward to receiving CFMA Building Profits. Usually when I pick up a magazine, I don’t expect to be interested in every single article – even in my most favorite publication.”

On CFMA Conferences

“We are in a downward mode at our company and I have picked up many ideas and techniques to help make it through these hard times.”

 “Great CPE and an opportunity to get to know my local members better and meet some members from other chapters.”

“The CFMA annual conference is by far the best venue for learning and sharing with colleagues and peers.  Also the best value.  So far, all classes have nailed down what is going on in today’s times.”

“Part of the value for me comes from the opportunity to bring my controller to this event, away from the day-to-day duties to be ‘fed’ – educational support of the highest standards.”

“Each time I come to this conference, I come stressed out and almost burnt out.  When I leave, I am rejuvenated and motivated!”

“One needs to come to the conference to renew thoughts, see with a different perspective, and go forward with refreshed enthusiasm.”

“The conferences are great experiences to learn and grow with meeting people within the same industry around the world.”

“This facility is great!  So far, I’ve learned a lot.  Hope to be able to go to another conference – this is my first.”

 “My first time here, an awesome experience.  A true networking place to share our thoughts and develop our common goals.”

“CFMA’s conferences are always chock full of value, with educational offerings and the opportunity to network with other fellow CFMs to share ideas, best practices, etc.”

“At a previous conference, I attended a session on 401(k) to add to my knowledge, but added to that from 2 members sharing experiences at dinner.  When I got back to the office, I made changes in our practices to bullet-proof us if we experienced an audit.”

 “The great networking experience.  By meeting with your peers to share ideas without having to worry about sharing company information with a competitor.”

“Great conference – I was able to reconnect with the bonding agent I worked with when I first entered the industry in 1988, as well as getting the opportunity to meet and connect with many other professionals from all over the country.  Thank you.”

“I get so much out of CFMA and the annual conference.  Each year, I go home with valuable ideas, enhanced motivation, and new friends/business contacts.  Thank you for your efforts.”

“You know when you are attending a worthwhile conference when you keep thinking of ways and areas where you can apply the knowledge/ideas/tools you take-away from the sessions you attend.  This morning, I was able to immediately apply two take-aways from Mr. Shafer’s presentation.  This happens time and again in the sessions at the CFMA conferences.”

“I haven’t been to a CFMA conference since New Orleans as I had my lovely daughter Maddie 5 years ago and travel didn’t fit in the new schedule.  My husband and I decided to take Maddie with us to this conference and I was truly amazed when I was registering at the timeliness and interesting variety of classes being offered.  I attended the new “contracts” mini-conference on Sunday and really felt the information given was a valuable asset.  The presenter was very knowledgeable and did a super job of involving participants.  It is great to be back at the CFMA Annual Conference.”

“Learned about the idea of importing a cleared checks file directly to our accounting software from our bank at last year’s conference, saving 8 hours per month for one employee.”

“Excellent classes and presentations.  Always get a take away to use at the office.”

“Coming from a non-financial background, this conference has provided me with valuable insights and take aways.  Linking the financial pieces to our operational people will be a key going forward.”

All of the classes I have attended at the annual conference have been great.

“The advantages from the CFMA contacts and connections I make go beyond any of the individual seminars and sessions. These connections allow me to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences while learning from hundreds of other professionals that benefits both me, and my company, now and well into the future.”

“The conferences have inspired me to be more involved in all processes of our company…to increase the communication and trust between our accounting department and the estimating, project management, and marketing teams.”

“The network and advice of the teachers was tremendous.”

“We are always too busy to take time to expand our knowledge.  This is the opportunity to take that time.”

“Excellent cash management tools and ideas for business development.”

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