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2018-19 Chairman’s Challenge Coin Recipients


Christine Kettelkamp, CFO, Jenco Inc., Scottsdale, AZ

Christine Kettelkamp

On Aug. 23, 2018 Dave Miller CTP, CCIFP, CRIS, CFO of Jokake Construction Services, presented Christine Kettlelkamp with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Dave chose Christine he said, “Christine is a long time member of CFMA Valley of the Sun chapter. She was a member in the 1990’s, then left for a short period of time due to change in jobs. She came back to CFMA and has been a loyal member since 2000. Christine has been a dedicated member of VOS and is always quick to volunteer her services. She has been involved with the VOS community outreach committee.

Recently, she completed a VOS community outreach program for a charity called UMOM. UMOM provides shelter and programs for homeless mothers and their children. VOS had decided to build a mini library (book depository) and stock the little library with children’s books for the kids at the shelter. Christine coordinated the building of the little library. Unfortunately, the VOS chapter did not support the effort very well with volunteer time. Christine recruited members of her company to help make sure the little library got built. Christine and Diana Bujnovsky were the only VOS members that worked on the project, no officers or other board members helped them out, but they overcame their labor shortage and got the project built. I am attaching some pictures of the cute little library. In picture 2 is Diana on the left in the blue shirt and Christine on the right in the gray shirt. I called and spoke with Christine and told her about the challenge coin and that I was going to be giving it to her next time I see her and that I wanted her to receive recognition for her hard work and giving her time in the spirit of community outreach. Christine will be attending the SW regional conference and so I plan to give it to her when I see her there.”

Matt Rosenberg, President & CEO, Rosenberg & Parker, Wayne, PA

On Aug. 20, 2018 Herb Brownett, CCIFP, President of Brownett & Associates, LLC, presented Matt Rosenberg with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Herb chose Matt he said, “For over 10 years Matt has chaired the Philadelphia Chapters highly successful golf outing. We play at a different course every year and have played most of the great courses in the Philadelphia area. He generates substantial sponsorship and we raise a lot of money for college scholarships. The event itself is always well-organized and comes off smoothly. It's definitely a flagship event for the Philadelphia Chapter.”

Jim Main, CPA, CCIFP, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, Las Vegas, NV

Jim Main

On April 1, 2019 Kevin Booth, CFO of WestCor Companies, presented Jim Main with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Kevin chose Jim he said, “Jim is a long-time member of the Las Vegas Chapter. He encouraged me to join CFMA back in 1994 when the Las Vegas Chapter held their meetings at the old Stardust Casino on the Strip. 15 years later he encouraged me once again to get more involved with the chapter and asked me to serve as Board member. Jim has served as chapter President at least twice in the +/- 30 years he has been a member. He is a fixture at all chapter events and has served on the Southwest Regional Conference Planning Committee since its inception. He is a CCIFP and encourages others to get certified including his own staff. Despite all of his accomplishments, he has never been recognized for his years of service and dedication.”

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Bob Fuller, Controller, Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc, Ocoee, FL

Bob Fuller

On April 15, 2019 Tom Borgia, Partner and Chief Financial Officer of J. Raymond Construction Corp. presented Bob Fuller with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Tom chose Bob he said, “From early inception of the Central Florida Chapter Bob has been an integral part of our chapter’s success.  He has always been willing to work in any capacity to see that we are best serving the needs of our members.  Bob has been the consummate “CFMA Pro” and has served in a variety of roles throughout the years from the Board of Directors to Committees and most recently led our membership efforts.  Bob has also been a mentor to many of the younger leaders within our chapter, which has been an invaluable experience for so many of our members.  We never say thank you enough to our volunteers who are the driving force behind our association.  Bob has continued to be a true leader within our chapter and we are grateful for his efforts.”

Chris Gewain, Partner, Moss Adams LLP, Irvine, CA

Chris Gewain

On Dec. 20, 2018 Pam Hummel presented Chris Gewain with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Pam chose Chris she said, “Chris has been a longtime member and active participant in the Orange County Chapter, and is currently serving as Chapter President. Through the years, Chris has been an OC Board Member and Chair of various committees. In addition, Chris has also contributed to our chapter in the following ways:

  • During his tenure as OC Chapter President, attendance at all chapter events (social and educational) has increased
  • As Chapter President, new programs and events have been developed and adopted
  • Chris is a frequent speaker/contributor for CFMA, including the CCIFP Overview and Basics of Construction Accounting, among other topics
  • Chris is known by his CFMA chapter peers as a member on whom they can rely upon for professional information, expertise, and assistance
  • CFMA's Southwest Regional Conference will hold its 5th annual event in September of 2019. This event would never have gotten off the ground if it was not for Chris Gewain (and Moss+Adams) being the FIRST to offer support - both in sponsorship dollars and speaker participation.

As Chris continues with CFMA, I know he will bring value on a National level as a committee participant and leader. I was very happy and proud to present him with the Chairman's Coin today, to let him know how much all of his efforts are appreciated.”

Kendall Thrasher, CCIFP, CFO, National Roofing Company, Albuquerque, NM

Kendall Thrasher
Kendall Thrasher

In late Nov. of 2018 Kari Juvera, Vice President of Finance of Enterprise Builders Corporation, presented Kendall Thrasher with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Kari chose Kendall she said, “Kendall has been a member since 2014 and from the moment he joined, he jumped head first in to CFMA with enthusiasm and as a young leader. He served as President in 2017 and has continued to support our current president, even today, in a huge capacity.

He works with me side by side on all of the committees our chapter has and has been and instrumental member of our Speaker’s Committee producing educational and social programming, putting on our biennial Benefits Seminar, our annual YE Industry Update, annual golf tournament, and orchestrating our monthly newsletter, while at the same time getting his CPA, and now moving on to his CRIS designation.

He is truly an inspiration and deserving member of the Chairman’s Coin, as his spirit and passion for our organization radiates to everyone in his presence.”

Martha Holland, Director of Credit, Tejas Materials, Inc., Houston, TX

Martha Holland
Martha Holland

In March of 2019 Samantha Hutchison, CCIFP, CFO of Brookstone, L.P., presented Martha Holland with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Samantha chose Marth she said, “Martha is a long time member, and past chapter president.  For several years she has served on the Programs Committee and has been responsible for coordinating our chapter meeting arrangements with the venues we use.  For anyone who has done event planning on any scale this is not an easy task, and particularly when you do it 6 or 7 times a year for probably close to ten years, all as a volunteer job.  Her service in this capacity has allowed our chapter to seamlessly host our meetings, providing benefit to all our members, as well as making the job of the chapter officers and board much easier.”

David Wightman, Sr. Vice President & West Region Practice Leader, Willis Towers Watson, Houston, TX

On February 19, 2019, Scott Baxter, Sr. Vice President of Frost Bank presented David Wightman with the Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Scott chose David he said, “I selected David as a recipient of my Challenge Coin because of his unwavering support of CFMA.  David was one of the Houston chapter members who welcomed me into the CFMA in 2005, and has always been supportive of my involvement and encouraged me to strive for chapter office.  David challenged all of chapter leadership to grow the chapter into one focused on member value, growth, and excellence.  David helped initiate annual board retreats and strategic planning sessions, and encouraged regular board turnover in an effort to keep ideas fresh and the board vibrant.  David has served in many capacities at both the chapter and national level, and remains deeply committed and involved today.  He even traveled with Stuart Binstock to England and made valuable introductions as CFMA considered possible expansion ‘across the pond.’  David has set the example of a tireless and willing advocate of CFMA.”

Imran Abdullah, Branch Controller, Marek Family of Companies, Houston, TX

Imran Abdullah

On March 15, 2018 Caryl Coronis, CFO of NBG Constructors presented Imran Abdullah with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Caryl chose Imran she said, “I have seen Imran’s transition and growth through the steps of CFMA membership, Houston Chapter Board appointment, and officer service. During his year as President, he exhibited extraordinary care in performing his duties and making sure that the Houston Chapter received the guidance needed to continue its journey as a premier chapter, moving it to the next level of excellence. I’m extremely honored to be able to recognize Imran as my choice as the recipient of the Chairman’s Coin.”

Harriet Perdue, Owen-Ames-Kimball Co., Grand Rapids, MI

Harriet Perdue

Rhonda D. Huismann, CPA, MST, CCIFP, Office Managing Partner for Crowe LLP, presented Harriet Perdue with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Rhonda chose Harriet she said, “Harriet has been a long time member of our chapter, always serving in some capacity or another.  I wanted to recognize someone that I felt served the organization in a selfless way and with a positive attitude and Harriet is just that.  She’s served for many years on the chapters Promotions Committee, which helps members to maximize the benefit of their membership through various networking and social activities.  She’s also been our resident historian, with a long organizational memory and ensures that our events and milestones are well documented with pictures in our newsletter and website.  Harriet created and maintains our local website which has not been a small task.  She has been instrumental in things from charity events to completing our chapter awards submissions.  Harriet does not seek recognition, and many of the roles have been done in the background.  I spoke with a number of others from our chapter on who they would select if they had a coin to present, and Harriet’s name came up again and again.”

William Titus, Senior Manager, RSM US LLP Minneapolis, MN

On March 15, 2019 Pat Kolb, Controller MULCAHY-NICKOLAUS, presented Will Titus with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Pat chose Will he said, “Will has six years of outstanding service leading the Program Committee for the Twin Cities Chapter. Based on my personal experience serving with Will during some of that time, I saw firsthand how much work he did to setup the chapter’s programs, which included lining up speakers and coordinating the logistics. For several years Will has been the face of our chapter at meetings, getting up at meeting to providing updates to the members and introducing speakers. His dedication to his role over the years has not went unnoticed."

Anna Fisher, Contractor's Edge, Round Rock, TX

In March of 2019 Jeremy Maxwell, Assurance Manager at Van Houten & Associates, PC, presented Anna Fisher with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Jeremy chose Anna he said, “Anna has served selflessly for years with the Central Texas Chapter of CFMA. She has done everything imaginable. She is the heart and soul of everything the chapter does on a day in and day out basis. She leads by example and will also raise her hand and lead with wisdom. She is one of the best people I know in life and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more.”

Ty Mayo, Senior Vice President, Frost Bank, Fort Worth, TX

Ty Mayo

On April 19, 2019 Melissa Rutledge, CFO of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, presented Ty Mayo with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Melissa chose Ty she said, “Ty, like most of us, has a full-time job but generously provides countless hours serving our chapter in a critical role.  A lot of this time is behind the scenes, it has not gone unnoticed. He volunteers selflessly without expectation of any recognition and his unwavering reliability, and willingness to share both his time and expertise speak to the strength of his character.

I don’t recall a single meeting that he have not been present and has generously served as our Treasurer for multiple terms and agreed to stay on again, even though he hates accrual accounting!  Words cannot adequately express the gratitude that I, the board, and the entire chapter wish to convey.”

Joanne Sherwood, CFO, Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc., Bethesda, MD

Joanne Sherwood

In October 1, 2018 Mike Sardo, CFO, W. L. Gary Company, Inc. presented Joanne Sherwood with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Mike chose Joanne he said, “Joanne has been an active CFMA member and board member of the Greater Washington D.C. Chapter for at least 10 years. She served as Treasurer for many, many years, a role that others would pass on due to the amount of work that was involved in a larger chapter. As Treasurer she maintained all of our compliance and reporting while chasing people down for unpaid fees for chapter events. Prior to finally taking Stuart's advice and hiring a chapter administrator, Joanne took on many of the chapter's administrative tasks. She would work the registration table at events sacrificing her time to network and socialize with other members. She was active in developing educational programs that saw high attendance. She preferred to stay in the background in a humble and dignified manner. She would have made a great chapter president, and attended Spring Creek, but declined the chapter presidency when others expressed interest in filling that role. She has always been an ambassador for CFMA. Joanne is a great example of a member who volunteers for CFMA and makes so many contributions to our chapter as well as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. Her contributions go unnoticed by many, but the success of our chapter events would not be possible without her efforts. She is a regular attendee of the CFMA Annual and Mid-Atlantic Conferences and encourages participation from others in her company and fellow members. She has helped bring new leadership into our chapter through her relationship with other CFM's in our local marketplace.”

Brian Summers, VP of Operations, CFMA, Princeton, NJ

Brian Summers

On Nov. 2, 2018 Steve Tenney, CFO/Consultant, Steve Tenney Consulting presented Brian Summers with a Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Steve chose Brian he said, “As I reflected on my CFMA experience, one name continued to be associated with my journey (other than my wife Mindy) and that is the person is Brian Summers. Brian has been with CFMA since April 1995, 23 years of SERVICE to CFMA. He has experienced the high points of membership growth, financial success, chapter expansion, excellence in education offerings and he’s lived through the challenges of recessions, decreased membership, leadership succession transitions and changes too numerous to list. He has helped CFMA maneuver through the good and the challenging. Through most of the years that I’ve been at CFMA, Brian has been there. While his responsibilities have changed over the years, his SERVICE and EXCELLENCE to CFMA has always been consistent.”


Nicole Rosales, Equipment Procurement Manger in the Construction Design Department, New Season Market, Portland, OR

On February 6, 2019, Patsy Dunn, CFO of Grow Construction presented Nicole Rosales with the Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Patsy chose Nicole she said, “Nicole always goes above and beyond in her duties. She plans events and helps with everything. A behind the scenes hero, arriving early to setup and staying after to clean. If there is something that needs to be done, she is there and is always the first to help, no task too big or small. She has been a significant help in pulling off our chapter’s Suicide Prevention Summits, Board Retreats, Golf Tournaments, and Banquets. Nicole is not one for lime light and blushes when you recognize her, but she is truly deserving of this honor, which is why I am presenting her with a Chairman’s Coin.


Brenda Schertz, Treasurer, The Beck Group, Dallas, TX

On March 14, 2019, Joe McLaughlin, CFO of Austin Industries presented Brenda Schertz with the Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Joe chose Brenda he said, “I am recognizing Brenda not only for her dedication and passion for CFMA, but for encouraging me throughout both my Austin and CFMA careers. She has always provided me with amazing insights, helped me solve problems, and is a great mentor. She has been involved with CFMA for many years and has volunteered countless hours, serving as a chapter president twice and on various committees, including the National Finance and Investment Sub Committees. Brenda has also recently rejoined the DFW Board.”


Kelly Dando, Chapter Admin, Irving, TX

Kelly Dando

On March 14, 2019, Joe McLaughlin, CFO of Austin Industries presented Kelly Dando with the Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Joe chose Kelly he said, “Since Kelly began as our chapter admin in 2013 for DFW, she has propelled us to new heights. She has does an amazing job with our communications, program organization, and administrative functions allowing the Board to function as a high-level. She, along with two other individuals, now support 13 CFMA Chapters and the Lone Star Conference Task Force. Kelly is so proactive that the day I awarded her with this coin she was in the front awaiting to capture a picture of the winner, she was shocked and humbled to hear her name called. It’s individuals like Kelly that keep our chapters running and make us GREAT!”


Bert Guiberteau, Bond Manager - Baton Rouge Office, Cory Tucker & Larrowe, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA

On Nov. 1, 2018, Joe McLaughlin, CFO of Austin Industries presented Bert Guiberteau with the Chairman’s Challenge Coin.

When asked why Joe chose Bert he said, “Bert is passionate about CFMA and has dedicated many years to our organization, especially in Louisiana. He has been active in the South Central Louisiana Chapter, serving in many leadership roles. In addition, he has served on the National Executive Committee for three years. Bert has put his heart and soul into the Louisiana Construction Conference for over 16 years, helping to make it one of the best regional conferences in the Country. Bert exemplifies what the Chairman’s Challenge Coin stands for, which is why I am proud to give my first coin to him.”