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Membership Categories

CFMA is an individual membership organization.  Company memberships are currently not available.

The CFMA Membership year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. Dues are prorated and based upon annual rates in effect at the time of application. Chapter dues, if applicable, are also prorated as described above, and are in addition to any national dues assessed. Dues are to be remitted with your initial application. CFMA does not invoice for initial membership dues. Contact CFMA with any questions on dues.

CFMA General Members represent all types of contractors, including generals and subcontractors as well as developers, construction managers, architects, engineers, principals and material and equipment suppliers. General Member Dues for the current membership year are $355, plus any local chapter dues where applicable.

CFMA Associate Members are those serving the construction industry, such as public accountants, sureties, bankers, insurance agents/brokers and carrier’s consultants and other service providers. Associate Member Dues for the current membership year are $455, plus any local chapter dues where applicable.

International General & International Associate
CFMA International Members are any General or Associate member living and working outside the United States and Canada.  These members encompass those who are employed in the construction industry as well as those servicing the construction industry as described above.  The international membership is an electronic only membership, including communications and publications.  International General member dues are $230 (US Dollars) annually and International Associate member dues are $300 (US Dollars) annually.

CFMA Educator Members are full time educators who are teachers, professors or general educators from an accredited educational institution teaching courses related to the construction industry.  The Educator dues are $355 annually.  For more information contact CFMA.

CFMA Student Members are full time undergraduate or graduate students who are in a course of study related to the construction industry, specifically in accounting, law or general business.  The student membership is electronic only, including any publications.  There are no dues for student members however, there is a qualification process and a current transcript of courses is required. For more information contact CFMA.

CFMA Retired Members are existing members with at least 5 consecutive years of general or associate membership in CFMA at the time of retirement.  This category is not available to student or in transition members.  Retired member dues are $165 annually.

Available to Current CFMA Members Only
CFMA Member in Transition is a special membership category designed to assist existing active members during a period of transition in their careers. The member in transition category is effective for a period of one renewal cycle only- ending on March 31 of the following year. Contact CFMA for more details.

For more information on any of the membership categories listed above contact or call us directly at 888-421-9996.