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Technology Highlights from CFMA’s 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition

Stuart Binstock, President & CEO
Stuart Binstock, President & CEO

It has been said that a wise man knows what he does not know. While it may be presumptive to char­acterize myself as a wise man (certainly a much-debated topic within the CFMA family), I know that I know little about the subject of technology. But thankfully, there are wiser and more proficient CFMA members who understand its significance and possibilities for improving efficiency in the future!

As an organization, CFMA strives to provide a platform for our members to exchange information and educational opportunities to maximize learning and promote community. Let me give you a number of examples from our recent Annual Conference & Exhibition in Miami, FL, which presented various tech­nology-focused educational opportunities. On Sunday, June 25, B2W Software, CMiC, COINS, Explorer Software, Sage, and Viewpoint all participated in the Construction Technology Forums, which are similar to mini user group sessions focused around relevant technology issues.

The technology conversation continued at the CFO Roundtable sessions on Tuesday morning. At the Large-Firm CFO Roundtable, the discussion focused on five technologies that increase efficiency and mitigate risk: coordination, visual planning, progress tracking, prefabrication, and quality control. The Mid-Firm CFO Roundtable also discussed challenges around mobile technology, including getting buy-in, adoption, consistent use and process, ability to keep up with current trends, and security. And, mobile timecards, paperless timesheets, and employee portals are some additional technology efficien­cies that were mentioned as best practices during the Small-Firm CFO Roundtable session.

Other technology topics presented throughout the Conference included: “The Ultimate Mobile Device Program for Your Company,” “The Connected Jobsite,” “The History & Evolution of ERP Solutions,” “Evaluate Your IT Investment & Establish an IT Budget,” and “Examination of a Breach: How Do Cyber Attacks Actually Happen?”.

The Conference concluded on Wednesday afternoon with “Construction Disruption,” presented by James Benham, CEO of JBKnowledge, Inc. This general session covered the latest trends, solutions, and devices in building technologies and how industry peers plan to revise certain processes with the help of digital tools. Benham also discussed the statistics featured in the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report, an annual survey that demonstrates how thousands of construction professionals integrate technology in building projects. Benham also provided demos of the next generation of tech­nology and reviewed the strategies members can implement today to be ready for the tech of tomorrow.

All Conference attendees should have already received an e-mail with instructions to download the available recorded sessions for free, thanks to our Free Access sponsor, B2W. If you did not attend the Conference, these sessions are available for purchase at in the On Demand Library.

I hope you continue to take advantage of CFMA’s resources, along with those imparted from fellow members, to help your team collaborate and achieve improvements in your technology investments.

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