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A New Fiscal Year with Exciting Opportunities

Stuart Binstock, President & CEO
Stuart Binstock, President & CEO

From reevaluating and improving company processes to fine-tuning collaborative strategies, the beginning of a new fiscal year is the perfect time for your company to get all of its ducks in a row. CFMA is doing the same as we prepare for another productive year with new leadership.

Executive Officers
I encourage you to hear from our 2018-19 Executive Officers about what CFMA means to them and what they have learned from their years of experience in the Association, beginning on page 8. You will see that leadership within CFMA has brought them both tangible and intangible skills that have helped them throughout their careers. If their insights motivate you to pursue a national leadership position, you can find a CFMA National Volunteer Leadership Application at, or contact me or one of CFMA’s Officers for more information.

Executive Committee
This is also the time of year when we establish a new Executive Committee – the governing body of the Association that works with the Officers to craft policy and develop CFMA’s strategic direction. See a complete listing of the 2018-19 Executive Committee members on page 10.

Task Forces
Last year’s Executive Committee created a number of task forces that will continue this year. Each task force has a limited focus and short-term duration with the goal of developing recommendations on how to improve on particular elements of CFMA’s workings. These task forces include the:

  • Leadership Development Task Force
  • Changing Workforce Task Force
  • Social Media Task Force
  • Relief Fund Task Force
  • Senior Member Task Force

CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition
The May/June 2018 issue of CFMA Building Profits will be available at our Annual Conference & Exhibition, taking place this year at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, FL. Conference events that I would like to highlight in particular are the Small-, Medium-, and Large-Firm Roundtables. These Roundtables give Conference attendees the opportunity to take their conversations from the hallway into the classroom. Many of our members have extensive experience to share with their peers, and these Roundtables provide the opportunity to impart best practices and meet other members of similarly sized organizations. Our members often say these sessions are worth the price of the Conference alone. If you are a General Member, attend the session that best aligns with your company’s size.

This is a busy time of year at CFMA. As you continue to get your people and processes in line, CFMA is readying itself for another exciting and productive year. See you in Miami!

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