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The Gift of Time

By Heather Waldenmayer, CCIFP, Chairman

Whether it’s for project milestones, bids, month-end closeouts, etc., we could all use extra time. In construction, time seems to pass by exceptionally quickly given the number of years, months, weeks, or days it takes to complete a project, as well as the milestones that must be reached along the way.

With the end of 2016 around the corner, this is a great time to consider obtaining your certification before year-end closeouts, audit prep, and tax season takes over.

It often seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to “get it all done” while still maintaining work/life balance. And, for many professionals, when time is short, career development opportunities
are frequently put on hold.

We are all guilty of canceling attendance at webinars, full-day educational opportunities, and even conferences when unforeseen circumstances arise at home or at work. Unfortunately, these missed opportunities are seldom made up and the time set aside for increasing knowledge and developing skills is shrugged off.

The same can be said about making time to earn the CCIFP designation. For years, applicants have reported that the biggest barriers to achieving the CCIFP designation include the application process, the timing and location of exams, and the costs associated with traveling to exam sites.

Recognizing these roadblocks, the ICCIFP has worked diligently over the past 18 months to update and upgrade nearly all of its technology to help streamline the application process.

The final step in this aggressive schedule was computer-based testing, which is now available on-demand at Pearson testing centers nationwide.

Obtaining your certification is now a three-step process:

  1. Complete your application online at
  2. Once your application is approved, schedule your exam at any Pearson testing center.
  3. Prepare to acquire the only accredited certification for CFMs.

Certification is now according to your schedule – you select the day, time, and location for the exam. Many candidates have already scheduled exams for November and December.

Gone are the days of realizing that the next exam in your area is at least 12 months away or longer. The final paper-and-pencil exam administered by the ICCIFP will take place on December 7, 2016 in Las Vegas.

Beginning January 2, 2017, all exams will be computer-based at Pearson testing centers across the country. Now is a perfect opportunity to become a CCIFP. You no longer need to schedule days away from home or the office.

Certification is now a matter of hours instead of days. Apply today and schedule your exam as far in advance as March 2017.

Don’t wait – invest time in your career development now. Stand out – become a CCIFP.

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