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A 21st Century Makeover for the CCIFP Exam

By Heather Waldenmayer, CCIFP, Chairman

As I mentioned in my previous Chairman’s message, evaluating new technology to streamline the entire CCIFP process is one of my primary goals for the year.

The Institute’s most frequently asked question is, “Where or when will the next exam be offered?” While the CCIFP exam has been offered at CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition since 2004 as well as at many CFMA regional conferences, local exams are not as frequent or consistent. Consequently, this lack of availability has made the CCIFP designation difficult to obtain.

Over the past few years, the ICCIFP Board of Trustees has prioritized reducing the “barriers to entry” associated with becoming a CCIFP. I am happy to report that the ICCIFP Board recently approved a plan to transition the CCIFP exam to an electronic “on demand” format.

Exams On Demand
Starting this fall, the ICCIFP will be partnering with a third-party testing provider to offer the CCIFP exam electronically at hundreds of testing facilities across the country. The paper and pencil tests will still be administered for exams scheduled through the end of 2016; exclusive on demand testing will begin in 2017.

On demand testing allows applicants to take control of their own test scheduling. Once an exam application has been approved, the applicant will receive an authorization code, which is valid for 60 days, to schedule an exam.

For example, if you participate in CFMA’s CCIFP Overview course and feel you are prepared, upon application approval you can schedule to take the exam at your convenience. However, if you feel you need more time to study, say, percentage of completion, then you can schedule your exam accordingly (within the 60 days of application approval).

The electronic exam also allows for faster scoring and communication of results, which is a request we have received from our stakeholders for quite some time and are excited to make a reality.

And, local chapters will no longer need to pay for or find proctors to oversee CCIFP exams. With on demand testing, the cost for proctors is built into the cost of the exam. In addition, the staff at the third-party testing facilities are specifically trained in maintaining the safety and security of exams and meet the CCIFP exam proctor requirements.

I am thrilled that the ICCIFP has been able to take this step in providing additional value for our stakeholders. We are excited for the possibilities that this will bring for the future.

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