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The Stage Is Set for the Next Decade

By Robert A. Biehl, CCIFP, Outgoing Chairman

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since I wrote my first article as Incoming Chairman of the Institute. My objective was to make the ICCIFP prosperous and sustainable for the next 10 years. Now it is time to look back and see what has been accomplished.

In order for the Institute to reach its long-term goals, we must continue to grow the number of certified individuals and improve the financial health of the Institute. In FYE 2016, a total of 179 candidates sat for the exam, the third-highest number for the Institute. And, this year’s pass rate was 65%, which is consistent with the average of the past 10 years of exams (69%).

In addition, the ICCIFP’s strong cash position will allow for future investments in the Institute. Our statement of financial position has improved, our net asset position continues to increase, and we see continued profitability even after investing in strategic initiatives.

Technology Improvements
During the current year, the biggest accomplishments were related to technological improvements. Our redesigned website ( is now easier to use and more responsive. Not only do the features benefit visitors, but they also improve the experience for current and future CCIFPs.

A new learning management software was also implemented to streamline the exam application process and recertification requirements, and greatly improves the interaction between the ICCIFP and exam candidates and CCIFPs.

The ICCIFP also sought to improve efficiencies and reduce administrative time by implementing a new association management system (database) and engaging a third-party service to provide digital ID badges for all CCIFPs in good standing.

This year, we began quarterly calls of the Board of Trustees to provide more real-time feedback to the Executive Committee. Although progress has been made on structure, efficiency, and productivity of the ICCIFP committees, they will continue to be a focus of the Institute. In order for the Institute to continue to flourish, the committees need to flourish.

The Executive Committee was notified in July that the ANSI Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee (PCAC) voted to grant the Institute continued accreditation under the new ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard. Previously, our accreditation was granted under the 2003 standard.

Creating a Secondary Exam
The Exam Development Committee has been working hard to create a secondary exam to be placed into service should a security breach occur with the current exam. This will mark another milestone for the ICCIFP since no “backup” exam has ever been in place. We are on track to have this project completed by June 2016.

The Institute created its first marketing plan to be implemented over the next few years. Carrying out these marketing initiatives will be a key component of the Institute’s future strategic plans.

The Institute will be in great hands with Incoming Chairman Heather Waldenmayer taking the lead. The team of Heather and ICCIFP Executive Director Chris Zaucha will continue to take the organization to great heights. I also want to thank Chris for all of his effort and hard work this past year.

With the many recent accomplishments, the Institute is strong and improving. I truly believe that we are well on our way to making the Institute prosperous and sustainable for the next 10 years.

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