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Enhance Your CCIFP Experience Through Volunteering

By Robert A. Biehl, CCIFP, Chairman

One of the most impressive aspects of the Institute is the passion of our volunteers. As a volunteer with the Institute since the first exam development question writing campaign more than 12 years ago, I have been amazed at the commitment and dedication of those who give their time and effort to better the Institute.

Motivation & Rewards
Volunteering your time is very similar to completing a project in the field – everyone plays a part, and at the end, you’re able to see the result of your collective efforts. I reached out to several members of the Institute to find out why they volunteer.

Peter DiMartino (CFO, Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies, Boston, MA): “I got involved to help grow the Institute and its standing within the construction industry.”

Marj Weber (CFO, Irontree Construction, Mesa, AZ): “The Institute and certification have always been a passion of mine from the time I first joined CFMA and heard about a certification program. I volunteered to serve on the original Certification Oversight Committee even before the Institute was formed, and have been involved in various capacities ever since.”

Volunteering is an opportunity to enrich your experience with the Institute. Volunteers have reaped the rewards of involvement in a number of ways. To name just a few examples, here are some members’ most gratifying experiences as a volunteer:

Pat Kolb (Maplewood, MN): “The integrity of administering a professional certification exam is crucial, and it was very rewarding to be a small part of this process for the ICCIFP.”

Peter DiMartino: “For me, it’s been the networking opportunities. I have been able to reach out to my fellow CCIFPs for mentoring, professional service recommendations, feedback on software, and even advice on where to eat when travelling to a new city.”

Bruce Weir (Controller, RD Olson Construction, Irvine, CA): “Working with many so many highly qualified CFMs during my years as an Officer.”

Become a Volunteer
Any active CCIFP in good standing can participate. If you’re thinking about becoming a volunteer, here are some words of encouragement.

Melissa Rutledge (Controller, GCC Enterprises, Dallas, TX): “Volunteering is a very gratifying and rewarding experience. It will enrich your life as well as others and help to create a much stronger and knowledgeable organization.”

Pat Kolb: “There are great opportunities to meet and work with people across many chapters and backgrounds. The time commitment has been small, but the reward has been great.”

Peter DiMartino: “Get involved. You’ve got nothing to lose. It provides a great opportunity to learn, utilize your expertise, and most important meet great people with a common mission.”

Bruce Weir: “It’s cliché, but you get so much more out of volunteering than you ever put in. The bonds you will form with your fellow volunteers will last a lifetime.”

Marj Weber: “Just do it! And then do the work! Since the Institute is a small association, there is more opportunity to make a difference and really contribute to its success.”

Make a Difference
Whether you want to become involved in a task force, a committee, the Board of Trustees, or as an officer, there is an opportunity for you. A little time and effort goes a long way to strengthen and improve the Institute.

To learn how you can get involved, visit or contact Chris Zaucha, ICCIFP Executive Director, at 609-945-2419 or You can make a difference!

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