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What Can Certification Do for You?

By Robert A. Biehl, CCIFP, Chairman

As the construction industry becomes more complex, so does the CFM’s role. We put our best plans into motion each day, but skilled individuals are needed to properly manage those plans and must have the knowledge to make necessary adjustments and decisions.

A Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP) is the bridge between your company’s current position and its final destination.

A CCIFP has met the required certification criteria with regard to education and experience, and has demonstrated his or her in-depth understanding of the industry’s body of knowledge. A CCIFP maintains the highest possible standards of knowledge, competence, and ethical behavior. He or she is recognized as a leader within his or her company and the industry as a whole.

A CCIFP has met rigorous standards endorsed by national professional organizations and stands out from the crowd as someone with a unique knowledge and skill set.

Benefits to Contractors
Top-performing contractors recognize that properly trained employees often lead to direct, measurable bottom-line results. Having a CCIFP on your team affirms your company’s commitment to ethical, responsible, and transparent financial management. Employing a CCIFP means that your company has identified a skilled individual with sufficient knowledge and experience to develop into a leadership position and assures that employees continue to grow through professional development requirements necessary to maintain their certification. CCIFPs create a quality work culture that encourages the best performance from colleagues.

Benefits to Service Providers
Many contractors may often require that their service providers have a CCIFP on staff. The CCIFP designation offers an additional layer of assurance that these service providers are professional, ethical, and have met a nationally accredited standard.

Benefits to CCIFPs
Becoming a CCIFP demonstrates your comprehension of the industry’s body of knowledge based on a nationally accredited standard; increases recognition from peers, employers, and recruiters; and sets you apart as a leader in the field who is dedicated to professional and personal development. Certification can help you stand out from the larger candidate pool.

The credential enhances your value to your employer and can increase the odds of a promotion or career opportunities. Further, becoming a CCIFP can enable better job performance through exam preparation and continued professional development requirements.

But don’t just take my word for how important the CCIFP designation is to an individual, company, and industry. According to Tony Stagliano, CCIFP, CPA, CBIZ Mayer Hoffman McCann, “To me, the CCIFP designation means a sense of pride, accomplishment, and prestige while also helping to raise the bar/status of the construction financial professional.”

To find out how you can raise the bar, visit or see page 74 for more on exam dates and locations. If you or your chapter has interest in putting on an examination, contact Chris Zaucha, ICCIFP Executive Director, at 609-945-2419 or

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