Dawn Peer Group: Hot Technologies for Heavy & Highway Contractors

Session facilitated by Ann Sims
Article by Carl Franseen

On Monday morning, almost 100 participants attended the early 7am morning session titled Dawn Peer Group: Hot Technologies for Heavy/Highway Contractors.  The session was moderated by Ann Sims from Maxwell who welcomed everyone and briefly recognized the various sponsors from the technology industry.

The peer group format was explained and Ann introduced the various topics.  The topics included:

  • Field Reporting for Large Contractors
  • Field Reporting for Small and Medium Contractors
  • Equipment, Maintenance and Fuel
  • Dispatch, GPS and Other Operational Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Electronic Content Management

Each topic had a designated moderator that had prepared some thoughts and/or questions to get the conversation rolling.  The moderators ranged from technology industry professionals to industry chief financial officers.  Once the topics and moderators had been introduced, participants briefly shuffled around to the specific peer group topic they wanted to attend.

Every topic had significant interest and participation based on the size of the groups that formed.  Each participant provided a short introduction that included their name and where they were from and a description of their specific position and any applicable niche within the construction industry.  Most groups had a fairly balanced mix of industry professionals, public accountants and service/technology professionals.

It was very apparent that the moderators of each group were experts in their field based on their prepared thoughts and responses to specific questions.  In addition, each group enjoyed significant participant involvement and free flowing thoughts and discussion.  An informal inquiry of several participants confirmed that the content was well received and very relevant.

Overall, the Dawn Peer Group is a fantastic format for some very personal and practical discussion.  As always, when a group of industry experts and professionals assemble and share ideas, everyone comes away with a better understanding of the topic discussed and an enhanced appreciation for the insights of their peers.

About the author:

Carl Franseen, CPA, CCIFP has spent 15 years dedicated solely to the construction industry with experience in public accounting and private industry.  Carl is currently the Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration for United Infrastructure Group, a bridge and road contractor headquartered in South Carolina.