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Chapter Benchmarking and Awards

Chapters can now use one tool for chapter benchmarking and chapter awards. This tool streamlines the submission process for both benchmarking and awards and can give the chapter useful data to use in planning the year.

Chapter Benchmarking and Awards Worksheet – Use this worksheet to capture information about the chapter throughout the year. In early April, this worksheet should be used to enter the data using the online tool.

Chapter Benchmarking and Awards Online Submission Form -  Each chapter must submit their information using the online form, the online form contains the same questions as the Excel worksheet.  Once you have started the online submission process, you must complete it in one session.  The best way to do this is to have the completed Excel worksheet in front of you when filling out the online form.  Remember that all information is for the 2019-20 year and must be submitted no later than March 31, 2020, to be eligible for the STAR Program subsidy as well as an award at CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition.  Submissions are used for chapter benchmarking and to determine chapter health so it is important that each chapter submit their information.

Submissions are reviewed by the Chapter Resource Committee and final scores will be sent to the chapter for review. A portion of each chapter’s score is scored by CFMA HQ, this section will be scored whether the chapter submits any information or not. It is important that all chapters submit their information so the score does not look artificially low with only the CFMA HQ portion scored.

This score will be used to determine both Chapter of the Year and the level of the award earned for the year, which will be announced at CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition. This score will also be shared with all chapters so each chapter can see how they compare to other chapters.

Chapter Showcases – At CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition each year, chapters are encouraged to submit photos to highlight something special the chapter has done during the year. To be considered for CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition, your submission must be sent no later than March 31, 2020, and may not be the same event highlighted in the prior year. Prior year’s Chapter Showcases can be found on CFMA’s YouTube channel.

Chapter Benchmarking Scores – Benchmarking scores from 2015 to 2019 for all chapters are below. Use these scores to see how your chapter compares to others.

2020 Chapter Benchmarking Scores
2019 Chapter Benchmarking Scores
2018 Chapter Benchmarking Scores
2017 Chapter Benchmarking Scores
2016 Chapter Benchmarking Scores
2015 Chapter Benchmarking Scores

If you have any questions on the benchmarking and awards process or chapter showcases please contact Cathy Wasner at 609-945-2432,