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Executive Committee Meeting Summary – December 11, 2015, Austin, TX

CFMA’s Executive Committee convened on Friday, December 11 at the Hilton Austin to discuss strategic initiatives and projects that continue to shape the future of our Association. Chairman Brad Robinson welcomed Central Texas Chapter President Jeremy Maxwell as a guest for the meeting. His active participation and insights as a chapter leader contributed great value to the committee’s discussions.

Highlights from the one-day meeting in Austin are presented below and provide direct impact on CFMA’s Strategic Plan (available here). The Executive Committee reviewed high-level progress and affirmed the direction of action plans for the four main areas of the Strategic Plan:

Member Value:

  • The committee approved membership conversion strategies for unaffiliated members.
  • The committee discussed and provided direction for a new CFM education program to deliver value to less-than-3-year members of CFMA who are new to the industry.
  • CFMA will kick off the beta test of the CFMA Peer Groups in January 2016.


  • CFMA will continue to deliver value to companies by offering education to members’ company staff at member rates for select events.

Chapter Relations:

  • Effective April 1, 2016, a $1,000 start-up grant for new chapters shall be available; the chapter resource committee shall establish guidelines for appropriate fund use.
  • The committee decided that STAR Funding must be used in the current fiscal year (no carryover of funds from program year to program year).

External Relations:

  • CFMA, in conjunction with the efforts of Cal Beyer, has taken a leadership position in the industry on suicide prevention and is supporting the publication of an e-book on the topic.
  • The association continues to receive coverage of the Federal Disputes report in various media.

Operational progress reports and next steps were provided by the International Reach, Peer Groups, Leadership Development, and Governance Task Forces that are addressing critical association initiatives in each of these areas.

A special thank you to the Central Texas Chapter for inviting the Executive Committee to their annual holiday cocktail party on the Thursday evening prior to our meeting, where the Officers, Executive Committee, and staff in attendance had the opportunity to share holiday cheer with the local chapter members!

As always, I encourage you to contact me (; 609-945-2429) with your thoughts, feedback, or ideas on how we can increase the value of CFMA for all members.


Stuart Binstock
President & CEO

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