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Cover for Building Profits July 2017

July/August 2017

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Chairman.

“Reshaping the Finance Function Through Digital Transformation” by Chris Wetmore & Bill Kracunas

BIM 101 for Construction Financial Managers by Dennis J. Stejskal & Walter Davis

“Mobile Management: What You Absolutely Need to Know” by Fred J. Ode

“Predict, Prepare, Respond, Repair: You’ve Been Hit, Now What?” by Bryan Callahan & Jan Hertzberg

Technology: “How to Select the Right Vendor & Solution for Your Company” by Jason Keen & David Middleton      

Strategic: “Balancing Personnel Costs & Workload for a Competitive Advantage” by John Killingsworth, Caryl Coronis & Mohammed Hashem Mehany

Strategic: “Understanding Changing Skills & Requirements for Estimators” by Stewart Carroll

Tax Techniques: “Maximizing Retirement Planning Options” by Rich Shavell

Tax & Legislation: “Are You Ready for the New Partnership  Audit Rules?” by Carlo R. Ferri

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Cover for Building Profits May 2017

May/June 2017

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, ICCIFP’s Chairman, and CFMA’s 2017-18 Executive Officers

“Legalization of Marijuana: Potential Risks & Implications for Contractors” By Bradley M. Bakker

“Predict, Prepare, Respond, Repair: Analytics for Fraud Detection & Investigation” by Jeremy Clopton

“Fringe Benefit Pitfalls: Navigating Employee Benefits Under the Davis-Bacon Act” by Samuel Henson

Safety Collaboration Works – Why Not Pave the Way for Payments?by Scott G. Wolfe

“A Practical Guide to Understanding Retainage” by Christy M. Milliken & Susan L. McGreevy

Accounting & Reporting: “Critical Considerations for Complex Insurance Programs” by Michael Griffin & Jon Zeiler

Accounting & Reporting: “A Primer on Accounting for Change Orders & Claims” by Todd A. Feuerman

Tax Techniques: “Converting from C Corporation to S Corporation? Beware the Built-in Gains Tax” by Rich Shavell

Risk Management: “Risk Transfer Pitfalls for Additional Insured Endorsements” by Blake Croson

Risk Management: “Are Paid Sick Leave Policies Subject to ERISA?” by Amelia M. Klein

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Cover for Building Profits March 2017

March/April 2017

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Outgoing Chairman, CFMA’s Incoming Chairman, ICCIFP’s Outgoing Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Incoming Chairman

“There Will Be No Casseroles Tonight: Food for Thought on Addressing Mental Illness & Suicide” by David L. Sauerman & Joseph J. Sauerman

“Predict, Prepare, Respond, Repair: Managing the Risks Surrounding Your Workforce” by Jeremy Clopton

“Under the Microscope: Revolutionary Industry Data-Sharing Helps Employers Understand Total Cost of Care” by Christian Moreno & Bruce Sammis

“Accounting for Sustainability: We Can’t Build a Business on Our Own” by Edward Johnston & Kimberly Loscher

"9 Tips for a Positive & Powerful CFM/PM Relationship" by Kevin J. Foley

“The CFO’s Role in Planning a Company’s Future” by Justin Fisher & Scott Swearingen

“Harnessing the Power of Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans” by Jeffrey Bennett

“Strategy & Long-Term Incentives: Strike a Balance” by Benjamin Vance

Technology: “IT Toolkit: A Primer for CFMs” by Jason Keen           

Tax Techniques: “Taking Advantage of IRC § 179D” by Rich Shavell

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Cover for Building Profits January 2017

January/February 2017

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Chairman

“Best/Worst Financial Signs & Practices for Contractors” by Daniel H. Owens

“Prevailing Wage Primer: Understanding & Maximizing Fringe Benefits” by Samuel A. Henson

“Predict, Prepare, Respond, Repair: Building a Data-Driven Culture Through Analytics” by Jeremy Clopton

“Construction & Suicide Prevention: 10 Action Steps Companies Can Take to Save Lives” by Sally Spencer-Thomas

Contracting with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises” by William Chad Hayes & Antony L. Sanacory

“How to Compute Percentage-of-Completion for Your Tax Return” by Alan K. Clark

Risk Management: “Are Non-Compete Agreements Right for Your Construction Company?” by Peter C. Vilmos

Tax Techniques: “The Various Buckets of Depreciation: A Review of Current Rules & Changes” by Rich Shavell

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Cover for Building Profits November 2016

November/December 2016

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, CFMA’s Founder David Casey, and ICCIFP’s Chairman

“Fraud Detection & Prevention: Big Data Can Help Protect Assets” by Bryan Callahan & Jason Myers

“Construction & Suicide Prevention: Why Is this an Industry Imperative? 10 Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves” by Sally Spencer-Thomas & Cal Beyer

Change Management for IT Implementations” by Michael Sarkis

“Serious Injury & Fatality: How Leadership & Communication Can Positively Impact Your Initiative” by Greg Driscoll

Accounting & Reporting: “CFMA’s 2016 Construction Financial Benchmarker Questionnaire Results”

Technology: “Data Protection Through Vendor Management” by Audrey L. Katcher & Rob Rudloff

Tax & Legislation: “DPAD Regulations Revisited: What Contractors Need to Know” by Rich Shavell

Tax & Legislation: “Protect Your Company with the IRS’ Construction Audit Techniques Guide” by Michael Cirangle

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Cover for Building Profits September 2016

September/October 2016

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO and Chairman

“Up, Up & Away: Unmanned Aircraft in Construction” by Ann Hickman

Company-Wide Compliance Programs: Assign Responsibility & Create Accountability” by David Allison & Susan L. McGreevy

“Serious Injury & Fatality: Shifting Culture & Redefining Success” by Patricia Kagerer & Larry Simmons

“Gearing Up for Modern-Day ‘Trial by Combat’” by Antony L. Sanacory

“Construction Defects: Understand the Risks & Implement Best Practices” by Douglas K. Gartenlaub

“Technology ROI: Understand Key Metrics & Assess the Risks” by Michael Sarkis

Tax & Legislation: “Handling Claims & Disputes Under the PCM” by Rich Shavell

Tax & Legislation: “R&D Tax Credit Changes Open Doors for Contractors” by Eve Dreyfuss & Shane Hunt

Risk Management: “A Safety Harness for the Bottom Line: Quality Assurance & Control” by James P. Marquet & Mark J. Troxell

Technology: “Cost Reporting: Alternatives in Today’s Systems Environment” by Christian Burger & Ken Julien

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Cover for Building Profits July 2016

July/August 2016

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, ICCIFP’s Chairman, and the 2015-2016 Treasurer’s Report

“Under the Hood: How Well Do You Know Your Software Engine?” by John B. Chaney

“Mobile & Cloud Security: What You Should Know” by Fred J. Ode

“Analytics & Management Dashboards for Business Success” by Sassan S. Hejazi

“Flexible IT Strategic Planning for the Next Five Years” by Michael Sarkis

Technology: “How to Effectively Evaluate an IT Contract” by Jason Keen & David Middleton

Tax & Legislation: “Tax Implications of Debit Shareholder Loans” by Rich Shavell

Risk Management: “Minimizing the Risk of Joint Employer Liability” by Joseph W. Bryan

Cash Management: “Protecting Liquid Investments in the Face of Interest Rate Hikes” by Aaron McFarland & Justin Fisher

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Cover for Building Profits May 2016

May/June 2016

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO and ICCIFP’s Chairman; Meet Your Executive Officers

“Communication That Counts: How to Effectively Deliver Critical Performance Information” by Christine Rahlf

“Succeed in New Situations” by Keith Rollag

Accounting for Sustainability: It’s Time for CFMs to Lead the Conversation” by Edward Johnston

“Doing Business Away from Home: Have You Done Your Homework?” by Susan L. McGreevy

“Leverage the Benefits of Teamwork Between Your CPA & Attorney” by Roger Swanger & Robert P. Butts

Accounting & Reporting: “Lease Accounting Is Final – Time to Prepare for Implementation” by Timothy T. Wilson & Connie L. Spinelli

Tax & Legislation: “Temporary Assignments & Per Diem Reimbursements” by Rich Shavell

Risk Management: “Leveraging Facilities to Generate Operational Savings” by Art Thompson

Technology: “Five Keys to Successful IT Implementation & Collaboration” by Jason Keen & David Middleton

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Cover for Building Profits March 2016

March/April 2016

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Outgoing Chairman, CFMA’s Incoming Chairman, ICCIFP’s Outgoing Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Incoming Chairman.

“Managing Your Millennials” by Sabine Hoover

“A Day in the Life of a Lean Contractor” by Thomas W. Emison & Kyle Woody

Keeping an Eye on the Important Measures” by Kenneth F. Kortas

“Key Employee Incentive/Retention Plans – What Are You Waiting For?” by Dyanne Ross-Hanson

Strategic: “CFMA’s Hot Topic: Employer/Employee Value Proposition”

Risk Management: “Six Steps for Effective Performance Evaluations” by Annette A. Idalski & Joan M. McCallum

Tax & Legislation: “Tax Strategy Considerations for Succession Planning” by John K. Forbes & Cheryl L. Lanese

Tax & Legislation: “Understanding Cost Segregation Studies & Potential Tax Benefits” by Rich Shavell

Technology: “The Decline of the Paper Check: Benefits & Challenges” by Henry Ferguson & Dan Finnegan

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Cover for Building Profits January 2016

January/February 2016

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Chairman.

“Beyond Compliance: Taking Advantage of Affordable Care Act Opportunities” by Fred J. Ode

Walking Through the Financial Forecast” by Philip Campbell

“More Than a CPA: Selecting a Partner in Your Company’s Financial Well-Being” by Sam G. Clark

“Moving to a Maintenance Management Program” by Jennifer Angrisano

“Commercial Lending in the Construction Industry” by Matthew S. Coffey

“CFM’s Guide to Battling Back Against Leverage Situations” by Scott G. Wolfe

CFMA’s 2015 Annual Financial Survey Online Questionnaire Executive Summary

“Contractor’s Professional Liability: Project Delivery Risks” by Jeffrey M. Slivka

“Construction Tax Accounting Methods & Choices: An Overview” by Rich Shavell

“How to Select the Right Vendor & Solution for Your Company” by Jason Keen & David Middleton

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Cover for Building Profits November 2015

November/December 2015

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Chairman.

Mental Illness & Suicide: Break the Silence & Create a Caring Culture” by Sally Spencer-Thomas & Cal Beyer

“Compensation Trends: Past, Present, Future” by Jeffrey M. Robinson

“Keys to Building a Reliable & Repeatable Forecast” by Philip Campbell

“The Big Picture: Physical & Financial Costs of Obesity” by Christian Moreno & Michael Davis

“Around the Globe: Tax & Compliance Issues on International Projects” by Clint W. Brasier, John E. Colwell & John M. Kelleher

“Conducting Business with Contractors Electing to Go It Alone” by Benjamin M. Spector

Strategic CFM: “Let’s Take a Sip from the Fire Hose” by Thomas W. Emison

Tax & Legislation: “2015 Tax Planning & Potential Liabilities in the Face of Congressional Inaction” by Rich Shavell

Risk Management: “It Pays to Maintain Compliant Human Resource Practices on the Jobsite” by Andrew P. Sherrod & Nathaniel L. Story

Technology: “Using Technology to Drive Contractor Success” by Brian Chickowski

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Cover for Building Profits September 2015

September/October 2015

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Chairman.

“Maximize the Benefits of Integrated Project Delivery: Sharing Risks for Greater Rewards” by James P. Marquet & Michael J. Mitchell

“Drive Your Competitive Advantage with Enterprise Risk Management” by Mary Peter

“Developer Bonds: Contractors Beware” by Susan L. McGreevy & John E. Sebastian

Demystifying Energy Savings Performance Contracts” by Gina M. Vitiello

“Differing Site Conditions Clauses: Shifting the Risk” by Bob Huber

“The Truth About Escrow: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” by Matt Hodson

Risk Management: “Surety Considerations for Succession Planning in Construction” by Douglas L. Rieder & Thomas L. Jollay

Risk Management: “How a Captive Can Be Used for a Deductible Insurance Program” by Marc A. Smith

Strategic CFM: “The Reality of Construction Jobsite Risks” by Thomas W. Emison

Cash Management: “Volatile Earnings: What’s the Deal?” by Leslie K. Hammond, Michael Africk, Michael Gross & David L. Sauerman

Accounting & Reporting: “Construction Equipment Leasing: Today & in the Future” by Todd A. Feuerman & Jared A. Rosen

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Cover for Building Profits July 2015

July/August 2015

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Chairman, ICCIFP’s Chairman, and the 2014-2015 Treasurer’s Report

How to Talk Tech to Get Business Results” by Dennis J. Stejskal

“Time to Get Serious: Protecting Your Company from Cyberattacks” by Rob Rudloff

“Maximizing IT Systems for Business Success” by Sassan S. Hejazi & Michael R. Viens

“Leveraging the Cloud for Effective Jobsites” by Chris Wetmore & Bill Kracunas

“APIs: What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?” by Samuel Giffin

Risk Management: “Gain Control of the Sale: The Business Side of Succession Planning” by John K. Forbes

Accounting & Reporting: “Acquisition Accounting for Privately Held Contractors: An Easier Approach” by Bret Rutter & Tricia Galvano

Strategic CFM: “What Is the ‘It’ Factor & Why Is It Important?” by Thomas W. Emison

Technology: “Where’s That Invoice? Streamlining Operations & Controlling Labor Costs” by Ron Rand

Technology: “Technology’s Role in Securing Projects & the Duty of CFMs” by Nathan Budde

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Cover for Building Profits May 2015

May/June 2015

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA Executive Officers, and ICCIFP’s Chairman

“Leveraging Human Capital Risk Management” by Cal Beyer, Tana Blair & Tammy Vibbert

But They’ll Never Retire – Overcoming Management Succession Procrastination” by Michael Mangum & Jake Appelman

“Roll the Hard Six: Exposing the Secrets of the Workers’ Comp System’s ‘House’ Advantage” by Scott T. Bradley

“How KRAs Drive Successful Employee Recruitment & Retention” by Christine Rahlf

“Davis-Bacon & Affordable Care Acts: A Guide to Increasing the Bottom Line” by Michael Strauss

“How to Prepare for Your Company’s Upcoming 401k Audit” by Mark P. Ryan

Strategic CFM: “Let’s Take Human Resources Seriously, Shall We?” by Thomas W. Emison

Accounting & Reporting: “WIP Data: Your Company’s Hidden Treasure Chest” by Robert E. Sutor

Risk Management: “Hiring & Firing: A Proper Foundation” by Andrew Nielsen

Technology: “ERP’s Role in Human Resources” by Jon L. Bruce

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Cover for Building Profits March 2015

March/April 2015

Messages from: CFMA’s CEO, CFMA’s Outgoing and Incoming Chairman, and ICCIFP’s Outgoing and Incoming Chairman

“Get Paid for Project Risks: Project Risk Assessment & Prequalification” by Ryan Howsam

A Conversation on How CFMs Can Help Manage & Improve the GC/Subcontractor Relationship” by Steve C. Tenney, Joselin R. Martin & Stuart Binstock

“Construction Project Payments: Fundamental Challenges & Solutions” by Thomas Tether, Michael Serafino, Lawrence Dany & Jesse Lincoln

“Is Everything You Know About Lien Waivers Wrong?” by Scott G. Wolfe

Tax & Legislation: “Taking the Fear out of State Sales Tax Audits” by Brian Kelley

Tax & Legislation: “Cash or Accrual? An Often-Overlooked Question” by Rhonda Huismann & Victor Sturgis

Accounting & Reporting: “Improve Your Company’s Billing & Collections” by Stephane McShane

Strategic CFM: “Psychic Income Strategies to Help Win the War for Talent” by Thomas W. Emison

Technology: “Using Technology to Improve Prequalification” by Adam Denno

Risk Management: “Document Retention: Legal Aspects & Best Practices” by William R. Joseph

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Cover for Building Profits January 2015

January/February 2015

“The Cash Flow Constraints of Rapid Growth” by David S. Warshauer

Turning Numbers Into Insight: Enhance Your Influence & Credibility” by Philip Campbell

“How to Succeed Despite the Labor Shortage” by James C. Schug

“Cultural & Workforce Challenges Facing Construction Today” by Patricia Kagerer & Grace Herrera

“The Dos & Don’ts of Preparing Successful Financial Bids” by Todd A. Feuerman

Strategic CFM: “It’s All About Lifelong Learning” by Thomas W. Emison

Tax & Legislation: “Tax Advantages & Disadvantages of Multiple Entity Structures” by Kendall R. Coleman, Jr.

Risk Management: “Subcontractor Due Diligence: Finding the Right Partners” by Ken Van Bree & Matthew Beerbower

Accounting & Reporting: “CFMA’s 2014 Annual Financial Survey Online Questionnaire Results”

Technology: “Information Technology Trends in the Construction Industry” by James M. Benham

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Cover for Building Profits November 2014

November/December 2014

“Beyond Vertical Integration: The Re-Engineering of the Design & Construction Industry” by Sabine Hoover

Is Your Computer Smarter Than You?” by Scott G. Wolfe

“A Bridge to Somewhere: Public-Private Partnerships & America’s Infrastructure Dilemma” by Antony L. Sanacory & William W. Fagan

“Active Business Intelligence: Connecting Information Technology to Workflow” by John B. Chaney

“Building the Deal: An M&A Blueprint for Contractors” by Aaron Faulk & Wiley Kitchell

“M&As: Streamlining the People, Culture & Processes” by Timothy Tokarczyk & Paige S. Ferguson

Strategic CFM: “The Importance of Financial Benchmarking” by Thomas W. Emison

Accounting & Reporting: “Looking Ahead: Construction Accounting in 2015 & Beyond” by Todd A. Feuerman

Risk Management: “Buy-Sell Agreements & Their Role in Succession Planning” by Adam S. Blumberg & Todd McDonald

Tax & Legislation: “Succession Planning: A Fresh Look at an Old Technique” by Michael DeSiato & Cord D. Armstrong

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Cover for Building Profits September 2014

September/October 2014

“Managing Healthcare Construction Risks Through Innovation & Specialization” by Calvin E. Beyer, Jennifer Dangro & Jennifer M. Horn

Taking Risks with Numbers: How Far Can You Go?” by Susan L. McGreevy & Kathryn I. Landrum

“Helping PMs Reduce the Impact of Complex Legal Risk” by Geoffrey A. Bryce

“Measure Twice, Cut Once: Curbing Rework Costs” by Robin McDonald

“What to Expect When Working with Legal Counsel” by William R. Joseph

“Maximizing Your Relationship With Your Accountant Year Round” by Bryan C. Porter & Todd A. Feuerman

Risk Management: “Seven Strategies for Subcontractor Insurance Compliance” by James Untiedt & Cynthia Johnson

Accounting & Reporting: “An Overview of the PCC’s New Private Company GAAP Exceptions” by Cortland E. Bennett

Accounting & Reporting: “The Mechanics of Revenue Recognition for Construction & Service Operations” by Richard L. Werner & Brian Drumm

Technology: “How to Identify Threats & Protect Vital Project Data” by James M. Benham

Strategic CFM: “The Leaves Are Changing – Are You?” by Thomas W. Emison

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Cover for Building Profits July 2014

July/August 2014

“The Gifted Technology-Driven Contractor” by Thomas W. Emison, Darwin D. Braunagel & Timothy M. Gray

“Treasury Management, Part 4: Developing & Managing Enterprise Budgets” by Steven Lords

“IT & Mobile Expense Management: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?” by James Johnson

Protect Your Organization with Cyber Resilience” by Audrey L. Katcher & Frank G. Hogg

“How Small Contractors Can Protect Against Big Network Risks” by Nathan Whittacre

Accounting & Reporting: “Improve Project-Level Cash Flow with Training & Education” by Stephane McShane

Accounting & Reporting: “As an Accounting Alternative Emerges, Proceed With Caution” by Bret Rutter & Christopher M. Gewain

Risk Management: “How to Avoid the Hidden Risks of Certified Payrolls & Prevent an Audit” by Woodrow Chamberlain

Technology: “How Technology Can Help Build Profitable Business Relationships” by Diane W. Haines

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Cover for Building Profits June 2014

May/June 2014

Tips, Tricks & Tidbits to Help Identify & Manage Struggling Subcontractors” by Rick Ciullo, Ryan A. Hiss & David L. Sauerman

“Risk Performance Metrics Primer” by Calvin E. Beyer

“Treasury Management, Part 3: Managing the Big Four” by Steven Lords

“Company Culture Affects Employee Recruitment & Retention” by Perryn Olson

“Building Backlog by Engaging Your Workforce” by Cynthia Paul

Tax & Legislation: “Shea Homes, Inc. v. IRS Victory: What It Means for CFMs” by Alan K. Clark

Accounting & Reporting: “Cash: The Lifeblood of Every Contractor” by Anthony R. Stagliano

Strategic CFM: “From Excuses to Excellence: Facilitating Strategic Plan Review Sessions” by Thomas W. Emison

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Cover for Building Profits March 2014

March/April 2014

“Why Is It So Inexplicably Hard to Implement a Strategic Business Plan?” by Thomas W. Emison

“Treasury Management, Part 2: Rules of Engagement” by Steven Lords

Strategic Compensation as a Competitive Advantage” by Shane Brown & Joanne Baginski

“Payment Disputes & Contingent Clauses: What Happens Next?” by Scott G. Wolfe

“An Inside Look at the Construction Project Management Life Cycle” by Gregory P. Elpers

CFMA’s 2013 Annual Financial Survey Online Questionnaire Results” by George Maguire, Caryl Coronis & Billy Stockton

“Audit Traps: How Contractors Can Stay Out of the IRS Spotlight in 2014” by Dan G. Evans & Kelli J. Franco

“Contractors Professional Liability Continual Market Change” by Geoffrey L. Haver

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Cover for Building Profits January 2014

January/February 2014

“It’s 5:00pm on Friday: Do You Know Where Your Equipment Is?” by Calvin E. Beyer & Joseph E. Ritchey

“What Is Treasury Management? Part 1” by Steven Lords

“Protecting Your Company from a Rebounding Economy” by Scott G. Wolfe

A CFM’s Guide to Drafting Sensible & Useful Subcontracts” by Kenneth B. Franklin, Joy T. Davis & Antony L. Sanacory

“Every Penny Counts: Using Analytics to Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs” by Christopher J. Flatt & David E. Heppen

“Managing Risks for Post-Recession Opportunities” by Douglas L. Rieder

Risk Management: “The Basics of Developing an Effective Risk Management Program” by Dennis J. Stejskal

Technology: “ERP Implementation: A Best Practices Guide for Construction” by Steven Gross

Strategic CFM: “Prepare Your Team for the Future” by Thomas W. Emison

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Cover for Building Profits November 2013

November/December 2013

“Construction Industry Mega Trends Emerging from the Recession: What Every CFM Needs to Know” by Timothy R. Sznewajs & Brian A. Moore

“The ESOP Exit Strategy: A Silver Bullet for Succession?” by Wayne Fjeld

“The Intelligent Jobsite” by John B. Chaney

“Building a Culture of Innovation: DPR’s $2 Billion Business Model” by James S. Washburn

“The Lean Construction Revolution: Eliminating Waste, Improving Value” by Robert J. Sniegowski

“2014 Surety Industry Outlook: On the Cusp of Recovery?” by Robert J. Duke & Joanne Brooks

Technology: “Opportunity or Obstacle? Managing a BYOD Policy” by Victor M. Marshall & Scott M. Lewis

Tax & Legislation: “Capitalizing on New Laws & Deductions: Year-End Tax Strategies for Contractors” by Cory Bunyard

Strategic CFM: “The Dumbest Business Management Fads Ever” by Thomas W. Emison

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Cover for Building Profits September 2013

September/October 2013

21st Century Gold Rush: Emerging Risks for Construction in Shale Oil & Natural Gas Development” by Calvin E. Beyer & David R. Bradbury

“Detect Fraud Before Catastrophe” by Chih-Chen Lee, Natalie T. Churyk & B. Douglas Clinton

Identifying Fraud Hot Spots: How to Safeguard Your Company from Internal Fraud” by Farah A. Shah

“Active M&A Market Presents Opportunities & Risks” by Timothy T. Wilson & Mathew P. Klauser

“Member-Owned Group Captives: Controlling Insurance Costs” by Sandra R. Duncan

“Reducing ESI Costs: Strategic Advice for Construction Litigation” by Gregory H. Chertoff & Richard R. Volack

Risk Management: “Certificates of Insurance Can Create Troubling Coverage Gaps” by Chandra D. Lantz & Collin J. Hite

Tax & Legislation: “Claiming the R&D Credit: A Contractor’s Guide” by Tom E. Sanger & Shane M. Hunt

Strategic CFM: “Becoming a Brilliant Edgewalker” by Thomas W. Emison

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Cover for Building Profits July 2013

July/August 2013

ERP Selection & Best Practices” by Kurt M. Koenig & Laurence C. True

“Leveraging Project Management & Project Collaboration for Innovative Building” by Gregg Schoppman

“Going Digital: The Right Tools for Your Company” by Perryn Olson

“Linking the Field & Office: What’s Technology Got to Do with It?” by Dennis J. Stejskal

“The Information Gap: Turning Business Intelligence into Profit” by Terence C. Kramer

Strategic CFM: “The 4Cs of Construction Executive Leadership” by Thomas W. Emison

Tax & Legislation: “Tax Choices: Know & Understand Your Options” by Alan K. Clark

Technology: “How Complete Solutions Can Improve Cash Flow” by Shary Dye

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Cover for Building Profits May 2013

May/June 2013

“Rules for Surviving No Damages for Delay” by Frank E. Riggs & Jonathan Y. Yi

“Pay If Paid Clauses: How You Can Protect Your Company” by Susan L. McGreevy

“Indemnification: One Leg of Contract Risk Management” by Jeffrey S. Ammon

“Planning & Technology Help Limit Legal Liability & Litigation Expense” by Alex Wall & John B. Chaney

“Public-Private Partnerships: Is Your Company Ready?” by Lee A. Weintraub

“Understand & Prepare for Bankruptcy on a Project” by Jason D. McLarry

Risk Management: “The False Claims Act: What CFMs Need to Know” by David R. Cook & Mark V. Hanrahan

Strategic CFM: “Why Do You Trim That Roast?” by Thomas W. Emison

Technology: “CFMA/ABC’s 2012 IT Survey: Executive Summary” by Christian R. Burger

Cash Management: “Treasury Management as a Competitive Advantage” by Justin Fisher & Christopher M. Gewain

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Cover for Building Profits March 2013

March/April 2013

“Subcontractor Prequalification After the Great Recession” by Susan R. Fry & Rich Shavell

“Closing Out Projects in a Customer-Centric Culture” by Thomas W. Emison

“Use Technology to Improve Audit Efficiency” by Timothy M. Gray

“Key Performance Indicators Are Not Just About Profit” by Shane E. Brown & Andrew J. Steger

“Improving Profitability: Bridging the Gap Between Accounting & Operations” by David Brown & Brian M. Andrew

“A Primer on Formal Compensation Philosophies in Construction” by Benjamin M. Spector & William Hopkins

“2012 Annual Financial Survey: Executive Summary” by George W. Maguire & Caryl Coronis

Risk Management: “How to Create & Implement a Culture of Ethics” by Christopher G. Bauer

Accounting & Reporting: “CFMA Responds to AICPA’s Financial Reporting Framework for SMEs”

Strategic CFM: “The Strategic CFM: You’re in Marketing & Sales” by Thomas W. Emison

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Cover for Building Profits February 2013

January/February 2013

“Ownership vs. NQDC for Key Employees” by Richard F. Sharpnack

“Compensation Trends in the Construction Industry” by Benjamin M. Spector, Jeffrey M. Robinson & William Hopkins

“Zero Injury: A Cultural Imperative for the Construction Industry” by Calvin E. Beyer & Eric Lambert

Bankers & Sureties, Part 2: Are We Getting Along Yet?” by Scott M. Kolbrenner, Rick Ciullo & David L. Sauerman

“It Ain’t Easy Building Green, Part 2: Sustainable Practices for Sustainable Building” by Steven D. Ginsburg & Antony L. Sanacory

Strategic CFM: “The Strategic CFM: Not Far Enough 'Out There'?” by Thomas W. Emison

Tax & Legislation: “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012: Certainty & Complexity for the Construction Industry” by Jeffrey Kummer & Victoria Glover

Risk Management: “Establishing a Wellness Culture to Manage Workers’ Comp Medical Costs” by Michael J. Mitchell & Kimberly E. Sharkey

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Cover for Building Profits December 2012

November/December 2012

“Positioning for the Next Upturn: M&A Trends for the Construction Market” by Timothy R. Sznewajs

The State of Our Highways & Bridges: Accelerated Bridge Construction” by John E. Powell, Jr. & Benjamin Beerman

“Lessons Learned from Ethics Compliance Breaches” by Jack A. Callahan & Amy L. Benbrook

“Building a Successful Future on a Foundation of Dynamic Leadership” by Christine Corelli

“Energy Savings Performance Contracts: Rewards & Risks” by David R. Cook & Dr. James D. Bradford

Risk Management: “Is Your Company a Captive Insurance Candidate?” by Ken Bos & Jerry Jonckheere

Accounting & Reporting: “One Contractor’s Use of Lean/Six Sigma to Address Challenges” by Michael J. Sibley & Roger N. Swanger

Technology: “Who Moved My File? EDM in the Construction Industry” by Timothy M. Loughrin

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Cover for Building Profits October 2012

September/October 2012

Seven Potentially Deadly Contracting Sins” by Frank E. Riggs

“Dispute Resolution Provisions in Construction Contracts” by Antony L. Sanacory

“Critical Issues to Consider Before, During & After a Joint Venture” by John E. Colwell, Ryan A. Hiss, Gene R. Huebner & Jonathan K. Zeiler

Subcontractor Prequalification Using Scoring Formulas” by James L. Bly & J. Andrew Brach

“Greener on the Other Side: A CFM’s Role in Mitigating Risk” by Carl M. Bloomfield, James P. Marquet & David S. Merker

Risk Management: “Recognizing & Managing Risks in Today’s Construction Market” by Robert S. Rapp, Jr. & Walter K. McDonough

Tax & Legislation: “Tax Considerations for Contractors” by Brian R. Walsh

Technology: “The Basics of Creating Your Company’s Mobile Policy” by Aaron M. Gray

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Cover for Building Profits July 2012

July/August 2012

“Cloud Computing for Construction Accounting” by Brian J. Thomas

Cloud Computing: A Practical Guide to Software Hosting” by John B. Chaney

Information Technology Strategic Planning” by Sharon Minnock

“Construction Moneyball: Turning Information into Power” by Rick Gott

Accounting & Reporting: “Revenue Recognition After Three Years: Where Are We Now?” by Jerry T. Henderson & Michael J. Sobolewski

Risk: “An Auditor’s Perspective: Internal Controls & Subcontract Risk” by Shane E. Brown

Tax: “2013 Tax Changes & The Potential for Reform: What It Means for Contractors” by Cord D. Armstrong

Technology: “Managing Subcontractors with Construction Software” by Peg McCain

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Cover for Building Profits May 2012

May/June 2012

“Journey of Transformation: The CFO’s Perspective” by Renee Beaulieu, Skip Perley, Dr. Perry Daneshgari & Heather Moore

Stuck in Neutral?” by Martha-Ann Marley

“Repairs or Improvements? New IRS Rules on Tangible Property” by Jonathan D. Olson & John W. Dorn

“Prevailing Wages: Fringe Benefit Compliance” by Samuel M. Melamed

Accounting & Reporting: “Worker Classification – ‘Building’ a Case for Independent Contractor Status” by Adam L. Lambert & Benjamin M. Spector

Tax & Legislation: “The Importance of Methods of Accounting: Maximizing After-Tax Cash Flow” by Brian R. Walsh

Tax & Legislation: “The Basics of Managing Capital Gains & Capital Losses” by Peter T. Ryan & D. Brian Bastis

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Cover for Building Profits March 2012

March/April 2012

"On Your Toes or on Your Heels?" by Thomas W. Emison, sidebar by Wade A. Sandy

"New Productivity Measurement Standard Affects Revenue Recognition" by Dr. Perry Daneshgari & Heather Moore

"Waves of Change: How Will the Next Wave of Technology Change the Way We Work?" by John Chaney

Accounting & Reporting: "New Multiemployer Pension Plan Disclosure Requirements: What They Mean for Your Company" by Michael J. Ellis

Risk Management: "The Nuts & Bolts of Subcontractor Default Insurance" by Douglas L. Rieder

Technology: "Understanding the Information Audit Process" by Victor M. Marshall & Scott M. Lewis

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