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New & Improved CCIFP Study Guide

CCIFP Study Guide

Whether you registered for the CCIFP Overview Seminar, ordered the Study Guide recently, provided feedback on the old guide back in April, or served as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in its development...



Below are the links to the different components of the new guide. Though you may be more eager for some components than others, e.g., the Practice Exam, we recommend you start with the guide itself:

In it you will find instructions, explanations and additional information that will enhance your study efforts. The Study Guide will show how the different components work together to improve your construction financial management knowledge, thus increase your chances of passing the CCIFP exam. See links to Study Guide components below.

The CCIFP Study Guide was reconstructed based on feedback from many CCIFPs and candidates. Your feedback on this guide is important to us. Please complete the Evaluation after you’ve had a chance to use your new Study Guide.

Thank you and Good Luck with your exam.


CCIFP Study Guide Components