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Executive Committee Meeting Summary – August 19, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA

CFMA’s Executive Committee, composed of the appointed volunteers representing our members, chapters and the ICCIFP, met on Friday, August 19th at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center. Chairman Ken Chiccotella was pleased to welcome the Executive Committee members to his former hometown.

The committee agenda was full of strategic initiatives and projects which continue to shape the future success of the association.

Highlights from the one-day meeting include:

Mega Issue: The committee tackled what we call a “mega issue,” an item of critical importance in terms of our strategic goals, with respect to a potential new education package geared toward those with 0-3 years experience in the construction industry.

Suicide Prevention Initiative: Approval was granted by the Committee to form the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention Task Force to carry out the initiatives of the Alliance, including the dissemination of information and resources for suicide prevention and mental health promotion in construction.

Peer Groups: An update on the CFMA Peer Groups pilot program was presented. With more than 70 contractors participating in the pilot, the committee continues to monitor the program closely, making changes and improvements along the way to ensure a positive experience for peer group members. The Peer Group Task Force indicated that there will be a formal program recommendation to the Executive Committee in December 2016, with an anticipated national rollout in April 2017.

National Mentoring Program: The program was discussed among the committee, and several suggestions were made to improve the candidate selection process, timing of the program, and the mentor/client experience as a whole.

Future Conference Locations: The Executive Committee approved the creation of a task force to examine potential conference locations for 2021 and 2022; the group has been charged with making a formal recommendation for sites to the Committee at the December meeting.

Investment Advisor: The Investment Subcommittee of the Finance Committee recommended a change in CFMA’s investment advisor; after conducting their due diligence, it was recommended to and approved by the Executive Committee to engage Raffa Wealth Management as CFMA’s fund managers.

Blogging: In an effort to position CFMA as a thought-leader and the industry’s premier resource for construction financial information, each Executive Committee member will produce a minimum of one blog post each while serving on the committee. This effort will assist CFMA in increasing our search engine optimization (SEO) results, driving traffic to our website, and keep our social media content fresh.

We continue to work diligently serving the evolving needs of our members and chapters, and I encourage you to contact me directly (; 609-945-2429) with your thoughts, feedback, and ideas.


Stuart Binstock
President & CEO

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