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Increasing Our Value & Expanding Our Reach

By Heather Waldenmayer, CCIFP, Incoming Chairman

Since its inception, the ICCIFP has been managed by excellent volunteers. Most recently, I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous contributions from the ICCIFP volunteers, trustees, and Executive Committee.

As secretary, I had the privilege of signing CCIFP certificate #1,000. As treasurer, I stood with Joselin Martin as she announced that the ICCIFP received ANSI Accreditation. This past year, my CCIFP husband and I welcomed a “Future CCIFP” (our daughter Kaitlyn) into the world. With such remarkable progress made thus far, I am excited to continue the momentum by bringing some exciting new ideas to the Institute as Chairman.

This coming year, my highest priority will be to increase the value of the designation. I believe the best way to accomplish this is to not only increase the number of certificate holders, but also increase awareness of what it means to become a CCIFP.

Since 2014, our marketing committee funds have increased from $5,000 to $20,000 in order to achieve our goal of making the designation more widely recognized by cultivating and maintaining our relationships with related organizations.

Our partnerships will help educate not only construction financial professionals, but also business owners, sureties, bankers, and others who rely on these professionals. In addition, the Institute is developing strategic partnerships with vendors and expanding its reach in the construction industry in an effort to recognize new revenue sources.

The new website features an online social community for CCIFPs and the construction industry as a whole. We believe this provides a tremendous resource for CCIFP applicants and experienced CCIFPs alike who are looking to stay current on industry trends and news. There are forums for study groups, software and technology, recommendations for future survey topics, and an area for general industry questions. This new functionality will allow CCIFPs to stay connected with each other, and help them get the most out of their volunteer involvement and participation in local and national industry events. This online social community will also elevate marketing and networking among those in construction.

Your Success Is Our Business
The Executive Committee is dedicated to the success of our certificate holders. I take this responsibility personally and have made it part of my goal as Chairman to increase the value proposition for our certificate holders.

You may have noticed that the ICCIFP recently conducted several construction industry surveys to provide quick feedback on issues facing financial professionals. While the results are informal, many construction financial professionals have found this information helps them keep their finger on the pulse of the industry.

Our Future
Another goal for this year is to strengthen the future of our organization by making sure succession plans are in place at the national and local levels, which requires an increase in the number of volunteers serving on committees.

To accomplish this, we are challenging and empowering our committees and chairmen to increase their internal collaboration and external communication with the Executive Committee.

With the commitment and dedication of our volunteers, the ICCIFP will be ready to meet the demands of the future.

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