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Executive Committee Meeting Summary – August 21, 2015, Albuquerque, NM

CFMA’s Executive Committee, composed of 19 dedicated volunteers representing our members, chapters, and ICCIFP affiliate, met on Friday, August 21 at the Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, NM. The committee agenda was full of strategic initiatives and projects, which continue to shape the future success of the Association.

Chairman Brad Robinson was pleased to welcome Albuquerque Chapter President Michelle Lontok, CCIFP, as a guest at the meeting. 

Highlights from the one-day meeting include:

Strategic Planning
The Executive Committee affirmed the actionable tactics supporting the Strategic Plan for 2015 and beyond. While staying true to our Mission and Core Values, the four main goals of the new plan are: Member Value, Companies, Chapter Relations, and External Relations. Details and supporting objectives surrounding the new plan are available here.

Qualitative Member Research Report
CFMA commissioned a qualitative member research study in the spring of 2015 to determine why members join, why they renew, and how they articulate the value they derive from their membership in CFMA. This research identified several areas of strong performance for CFMA and, perhaps more importantly, identified three key areas where CFMA could improve, including:

1. On-boarding new members at the chapter level;
2. Improving new members’ chapter experience; and
3. Infusing new members with education and information to get them up to speed quickly with what a CFM needs to know.

The Committee discussed these potential areas of improvement and are developing strategies to address these needs.

Mega Issue
The committee tackled what we term a “Mega Issue” – an item of strategic importance to the organization that cuts across multiple strategic goals/outcomes. The committee discussed ways in which we can deliver value to Unaffiliated Members and identify potential leaders from this group. The mega issue assessment was conducted by three breakout groups in which members discussed supporting data, ideas, and resources necessary to reach Unaffiliated Members. These ideas will be taken back to staff for further development and potential execution.

Executive Committee Task Forces
Status reports were provided by the four task forces formed to address critical association initiatives, including:

  • International Reach Task Force, led by Asif Choudhury;
  • Peer Group Task Force, led by Luke Cope;
  • Leadership Development Task Force, led by Kevin Foley; and
  • Governance Task Force, led by Ken Chiccotella.

A special thank you to the Albuquerque Chapter and their generous sponsors for hosting a cocktail party for the Executive Committee on Thursday evening prior to our meeting, where the Officers, Executive Committee, and staff in attendance had the opportunity to mingle with the more than 20 local chapter members!

We are working diligently to continue serving the evolving needs of our members and chapters, and I encourage you to contact me directly (; 609-945-2429) with your thoughts, feedback, and ideas.


Stuart Binstock

President & CEO

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