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Executive Summary - December 5, 2014, Phoenix, AZ

CFMA’s Executive Committee, comprised of 21 dedicated volunteers representing our members, chapters and ICCIFP affiliate, met on Friday, December 5, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ. The committee discussed a full agenda of strategic initiatives and projects which will continue to shape the future activities and success of the association. Chairman Steve Tenney was pleased to welcome Valley of the Sun Chapter President David Miller, CCIFP, as a meeting guest and was appreciative of his active engagement and perspective throughout the day.

Highlights of the meeting include:

  • Strategic Planning: A review of our progress regarding the November Strategic Planning Task Force meeting in Philadelphia to clarify and affirm CFMA’s core ideology (core purpose, mission, values); assess the progress of our current plan goals; and develop a new envisioned future, both internal and external, of what constitutes success. Further work will be conducted by the task force in the coming weeks, and the goal is to have a new strategic plan in place by April 2015.
  • Mega Issue – Peer Groups: Each meeting, the committee addresses a “Mega Issue” – an item of strategic importance to the organization that cuts across multiple strategic goals/outcomes. The committee looked at the potential of creating Peer Groups within CFMA and discussed the best ways in which to organize these groups to deliver exceptional value to members. Assessment of the mega issue was conducted by four breakout groups who identified advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. This feedback will be sent to the Peer Group Task Force (created at the August 2014 meeting) for consideration and, potentially, a formal recommendation to the Executive Committee.
  • International Reach Task Force: There has been promising interest in CFMA in several Canadian provinces; the task force will be working to develop these leads and, when appropriate, assist in the identification of viable formation efforts abroad.
  • Chapter Dissolution: The Executive Committee voted unanimously to approve the dissolution request of the Northwest Washington Chapter. The members of the dissolved chapter intend to remain part of CFMA, most of whom will transfer to the Puget Sound Chapter.

Every Executive Committee meeting contains an “Open Forum” session where members of the committee may bring forth ideas or issues for discussion and consideration that are not part of the regular agenda. As a result of the Open Forum discussions, a Spring Creek task force was created to examine the program value and takeaways, as well as redefining success and a communication plan for the program. Also discussed were Chapter Support/Resource issues which brought to light several ideas for extending the reach, value and support HQ provides to the Chapter network.

On behalf of CFMA’s Officers & Executive Committee, I invite you to reach out with new ideas and ways to improve serving the needs of our members and chapters. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me at or 609-945-2429.


Stuart Binstock
President & CEO, CFMA

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