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Financial Survey Online Questionnaire


What’s New for 2018?

  • You only need to provide your financial data – and it should only take 30 minutes or less to input!
  • Benchmarker users who entered 2017 data can submit that as their 2017 Financial Survey Online Questionnaire data (just log in to the Benchmarker site site and follow the prompts).
  • 2017 Participants—you will have your 2018 Financial Survey Online Questionnaire prepopulated with your general profile information.
  • All Participants receive the 2018 Financial Survey Report (see a sample report here).

How Do I Participate?
It’s so easy! After logging on to just click on the “Online Questionnaire” tab. REMINDER: For security and privacy reasons, you are not able to automatically log on to the Benchmarker site with your CFMA user name and password. If you have not used the site before, you’ll just need to register as a new user (takes less than a minute!) and then you are ready to begin entering your information!

Why Should I Participate?
We need your company’s information to best deliver the data that details the industry!
PLUS, all Participants will receive:

How Can CPA Firms Participate?
Upload your client data and receive a variety of Financial Survey and Benchmarker products for both you and your clients. Click here to learn more.

What’s My Deadline for Completion?
All Financial Survey Online Questionnaires must be completed no later than May 11, 2018.

Is My Data Kept Confidential?
All submitted data is held in strict confidence and is accessible solely by those authorized by CFMA. Only aggregate data is disclosed in the Financial Benchmarker website. CFMA will have access only to participants’ names and company names to verify participation.

What If I Have Questions?
New to CFMA? Never completed the Online Questionnaire? Wondering about the Benchmarker? Send an e-mail to’re here to help!

Thanks in advance for your participation–the more data we receive, the more valuable our results!